This ‘Butt Station’ Holds All Your Office Accessories

Looking for a whimsical way to spice up your dull office cubicle? Well, the Butt Station is a fun desk accessory holder. Truth be told, an office environment doesn’t exactly scream ‘fun’. In fact, many millennials find their current office environment boring and uninspiring. Now, this is where cool and unique desk accessories come into play.

This station is designed to hold your office essentials and make work easier for you. At the same time, it features a fun design that is guaranteed to brighten up any space. It features a blue-colored figure sitting on a toilet to make your desk look more interesting. Anyone who sees it is sure do a double take and laugh at the hilarious dude sitting on the toilet. But there’s more to it than its humorous design.


Butt Station Desk Accessory Holder

butt station desk accessory holder

This hilarious station is a multi-purpose tape dispenser that also holds pens, paper clips, Post-It notes and business cards. The blue figure holds a roll of scotch tape in his hands with a tape cutter located at his feet. Lift the little man off the toilet to reveal a tiny compartment in the toilet bowl to store paper clips. Amusingly, the figure’s magnetic butt helps you pick up some paper clips when you need them.

funny tape dispenser magnetic bum


funny tape dispenser cutter

At the back of the toilet-shaped base is another holder for notepads, pens and business cards. You can also insert an extra pen into the little man’s mouth to make the overall appearance more amusing. This unique-looking tape dispenser measures 6 inches x 2.5 inches and only weighs one pound (without the content). It is truly an interesting piece of décor that is sure to impress your co-workers. This office organizer also makes a cool gift for your favorite officemates. One happy buyer wrote:

“I lovingly refer to this dude as ‘Bob’ and he sits proudly on my desk all day, every day. Everyone who sees him chuckles and asks where I got him. The magnet under his butt is super useful and always picks up 3 or 4 paper clips and I no longer need to search for my Post-It pad, as I had the tendency to throw it everywhere.”

butt station office accessory


butt station paper clip magnet

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