There Is No Reason For You To Be Here Doormat

Your home is a sacred place where you should feel relaxed and secure. More importantly, it’s a sweet escape from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Unfortunately, there are some people who just can’t seem to understand that you need some alone time too. So, more often than not, you just end up entertaining them even if it’s against your will. Well, with this “There Is No Reason For You To Be Here” doormat, you won’t have to personally deal with uninvited guests anymore.

Indeed, it’s a straightforward message that will make anyone think twice about visiting (aka bothering) you on a restful day. This includes your nosy neighbor, troublesome colleague and even rude relative. Now, you can fully express that they’re not welcome at your home without even uttering a single word! Plus, you don’t have to worry about seeming or sounding rude because there’s no need for you to interact with them in person.



These “There Is No Reason For You To Be Here” doormats are a great way to cordially uninvite unwanted guests

Perfect for politely declining unwanted visitors, this brutally honest doormat is available in a variety of styles on Etsy. The most common of which is the one that features a natural coir front and a slip-resistant backing.

Coir bristles do a great job at scraping dirt and debris off one’s shoes. At the same time, they’re durable as well, which makes them an excellent material choice for doormats. Meanwhile, the backing is typically made of latex, PVC, rubber or vinyl to prevent skidding. Lastly, the text is printed using high-quality UV ink, so it adheres directly to every single fiber of the material. As for the sizes, there are also plenty to choose from—ranging from as small as 9″ by 12″ to as big as 24″ by 36″.


Coir doormats are essentially ideal for outdoor use. However, keep in mind that it’s still best to place them in a dry and covered area such as the garage, patio and other roofed entryways. That way, they won’t be exposed to direct sunlight, rain, snow, sprinklers and other forms of moisture.


Complete saturation can result in bleeding, discoloration and even fading of the print on the front. So, it’s also not advisable to clean the doormat by washing. Instead, you can simply shake off or vacuum away any dirt and debris to clean it. However, if you prefer a washable doormat, then you may opt for one that’s made with polyester microfiber fabric.




These hilariously rude doormats will certainly make a wonderful gift for newlywed couples and new homeowners. Likewise, they’re a great “just because” gift idea too. After all, nobody enjoys the company of an unwanted guest, right? So, it’s best to cordially uninvite them right at your doorstep.

Source: Etsy