A Lightsaber Has Got To Be The Coolest Way To Hold Toilet Paper

Attention all Star Wars fans! You can now bring the Force to your bathroom with this Lightsaber Mounted Toilet Paper Holder. If you’re a full-blooded fan of Star Wars then you probably have the Lightsaber Chopsticks by now. But if you can’t still get enough of the iconic laser sword then this Star Wars-inspired toilet paper holder is a perfect addition to your geeky collection. Not only can you take the Force to the dining table but you can also bring it to your bathroom as well.

The Lightsaber Toilet Paper Holder is a 3D-printed item featuring an impressive replica of the fictional energy sword. It is printed with an environmental-friendly biodegradable PLA plastic and is available in two color options. If you think you belong to the Light side, Luke’s blue lightsaber is the one for you. But if you think you belong to the Dark Side then Darth Vader’s red lightsaber would be your perfect choice.


Lightsaber Mounted Toilet Paper Holder

lightsaber mounted toilet paper holder

Whether you choose to join the Light Side or the Dark Side of the Force, this Lightsaber Toilet Paper Holder is definitely the coolest and geekiest way to access you TP. It will surely make the greatest piece of functional décor that any Star Wars fans could use in their bathroom. It won’t light up like the actual laser sword and it won’t make the same ‘wum, wum, wum’ sound effect. You can also opt for a custom color if you want other colors other than blue and red. One satisfied customer wrote:

“This is amazing, love this and really made well!”

lightsaber mounted toilet paper holder blue


lightsaber mounted toilet paper holders


lightsaber mounted toilet paper holder 3d printed


3d printed pla plastic star wars-inspired bathroom item


3d printed jedi weapon replica


3d printed decorative bathroom item


wall-mounted star wars-inspired bathroom item


lightsaber mounted toilet paper holder red


star wars-inspired bathroom item blue

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star wars-inspired TP bathroom item

Source: Etsy