‘Lord Of The Rings’ Fans Need To See This Awesome Hobbit Hole Available To Rent

Calling all ‘Lord Of The Rings fans! You need to check out this awesome hobbit hole! The place is owned by LOTR fanatic Gordon Mack and is part of a six-acre property known as Chateau de Soleil. The entire property is available to rent, including the more or less self-contained hobbit hole. So, although you might not be able to live there full time, you could definitely holiday in hobbit style. You could say it’s a little unorthodox due to the fact it’s located in South Dakota rather than The Shire, and, it’s up in the trees rather than in the ground, but we still think it’s rather convincing! The charming tree house is decorated to a high standard with some incredible touches that really make it seem like you’ve stepped into Middle Earth. Check it out!
Website: VRBO

 This place is wonderful. It’s definitely going on our travel bucket list! Would you like to stay in this cute, little hobbit hole? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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