Artist Re-Imagines Disney Princesses Into Modern-Day Millennials

There’s no doubt that Disney princesses are among the most iconic characters of all time. So, it’s not surprising to see various artists reimagining them and giving them a whole new look. We’ve seen them transformed into X-Men characters and even seen their dark and creepy alter egos. But, this time, we’ll have a peek at how these classic characters would look as modern-day millennials.

Kiev based artist Daria Artemieva takes delight in bringing Disney characters to life with a contemporary twist. Aside from giving them a modern makeover, she also positions them against real-life backgrounds, contributing to her works’ overall modernity. From Snow White taking a mirror selfie to Pocahontas attending Coachella, the modern rendition of the fairytale favorites are certainly on point. So, keep scrolling down to see these iconic characters come to life as millennials!


First up, we have modern day Snow White taking a selfie!

This princess is wearing a modern version of her dress and she even has a red apple phone to.


Pocahontas is partying at Coachella

This princess really suits festival fashion! The artist has transformed her dress into a trendy summer outfit that you would really see at festivals and other fun events.


Jasmine in gym clothes

Yup, her magic carpet is now a yoga mat! This is a cool image because we can imagine that modern day Jasmine would enjoy fitness and good health.


Next, you can see Belle sipping on a bottle of Coca-Cola

Notice the rose print on her denim overalls, this is inspired by the Enchanted Rose from the 1991 animated film.


Ariel holding a Starbucks drink

Luckily, the barista spelled her name correctly! Also, take a look at her cute tattoo of Flounder on her right arm!


Aurora having her breakfast in bed

We bet we’re not the only ones digging her “Love to Sleep” pajamas because they are so fun and stylish. It is very clever how the artist uses the themes of the movies to create her modern princesses.

Despite her fresh take on the classic characters, the artist still stays true to their signature styles. As much as possible, she also tries to incorporate the fairytale’s themes and color schemes into her works. In addition, she enjoys including fun facts about the characters, as well as the corresponding films that they’re in. With over 130K followers on Instagram, it goes without saying that people, especially Disney fans, love these renditions.


Merida with a “brave” tattoo on her left forearm

Each outfit really captures each princess because Merida looks stylish, rebellious and cool. We can imagine that Merida would really like this outfit.


Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog” in her stylish matching sweatsuit

We love this image of Tiana, she looks so stylish and we love how the frog has been used in her outfit. This is cool version of the Disney princess.


These Disney princesses are definitely ready to hit the beach!

Wit this collection of photos you can see each princess wearing swimwear inspired by their dresses and gowns. The vacation collection is so cute!


Next, we have Anna and Elsa

Here Elsa and Anna are having a fun day at the beach. This is another clever example of how the artist transforms their outfits into swimwear because Elsa has gone from frosty to tropical!


Seems like Mulan is having a rest from battling and saving China. We wonder if Mushu is on vacation to?!


Chilling on a weekend—millennial style!

Cinderella is having a break and enjoying pizza and Netflix! What could be more fun than this?!


Also modern Moana loves her carbs and we do to


While Belle knows how to relax and look after her well-being.


Even the princes have gotten a modern makeover to. Here is Ariel and Eric at the beach.


Lastly, here is a cute vacation image of Belle and Prince Adam!

If you scroll through the images you can also see different versions of the couple. Also Aladdin and Jasmine make an appearance to!

So, which modern princess do you like the best? You can let us know in the comment section below! We can’t decide because we love them all!

Source: Daria Artemieva