This Bulldog Wall Sconce Grumpily Holds Your Lights In Its Mouth

When it comes to interior fixture, most people would go for the ones with the most stylish designs. Now, how about a light fixture that looks elegant and entertaining as well. This Bulldog Wall Sconce will surely give a touch of whimsical fashion to your home. One look at it and you’ll agree that this is not your ordinary wall sconce. The face of that ferocious-looking bulldog will certainly leave a lasting impression on your guests. If anything, the fierce image of the bulldog light fixture would even follow them in their dreams.

nedgis amsterdam bulldog wall sconce

This unique bulldog luminaire is designed by Italian designer Matteo Ugolini for Italian publishing house Karman. It features a ceramic bust of an English bulldog that seems to poke out of the wall. For some reason, this bulldog wall sconce is named Amsterdam. And from the looks of it, this brazen-faced canine is up to no good.  Hanging from its jowls are three light bulbs that seemed to be bitten off from somewhere. The frayed ends of the strings are hanging from the other side of its jowls but the light bulbs still amazingly work.

nedgis amsterdam bulldog wall sconce black


nedgis amsterdam bulldog wall sconce design

Amsterdam, the bulldog wall sconce, measures 17.7 inches wide and 9.8 inches deep. The bust is made of ceramic and equipped with three LED bulbs with dimmable feature. It is available in black and white color options to complement any wall color or pattern. Add an exciting ornament tn your wall with this quirky luminaire. You can place it on your living room to impress your guests or place it on your bedroom or office to gratify your love for bulldogs.

This bulldog wall sconce is available in black and white ceramic colors

nedgis amsterdam bulldog wall sconce white ceramic


nedgis amsterdam bulldog wall sconce white

Not a fan of bulldogs? How about these gorilla wall sconces instead? The gorilla wall sconce also features the same design as the bulldog wall sconce. Moreover, it is also made of ceramic and has three LED light bulbs hanging from the ape’s mouth. It is available in dark grey and white color options.

nedgis gorilla wall sconce white

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nedgis gorilla wall sconce black

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