15 Reasons Why ‘Veronica Mars’ Should Be Your Role Model


Since you've found your way to this article, we're sure that you're a 'Marshmallow' (the not-so-secret name for true 'Veronica Mars' fans) through and through. Although the movie and the follow up books were a nice way to follow up the story, we're still so angry that this awesome show got canceled way before its time! And, one of the main reasons this is so upsetting is that Veronica was the kind of strong, yet well-rounded, female character that you rarely see on TV. Check out these 15 reasons why Veronica Mars should definitely be your role model!


She's ridiculously quick-witted!


She always knows the right questions to ask!


She's a big fan of 19th century literature.


She never gives up on her dreams!


She knows how to rock out, '80s style.



She's not afraid to be brutally honest!


She always has the right pop culture reference up her sleeve.


She is super smart and proud of it!


She knows how to do time in style!


She'll even help out her worst enemies, if they need her (even if they do later become her greatest loves).



She understands the boundaries of friendship!


She has appropriate responses to some jerk possibly being her biological father, and her ex possibly being her half-brother, yikes!



She's generally badass.


She knows that sometimes you have to be belligerent to get things done!


Oh, and, of course… she's an awesome detective, and that's just plain cool.

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