Kellogg’s Is Releasing Packs Of Jumbo Snax In All Your Favorite Cereals

Ever wished you could snack on cereal without milk and the weird looks? Or that the cereal pieces were just a little bit bigger than usual? Well, my friend, it seems that someone over at Kellogg’s has been thinking the same thing because they’re making your dreams come true with their upcoming Jumbo Snax range! But while its announcement is fresh, the concept isn’t. According to our dear friend @candyhunting, Kellogg’s was testing this snack concept way back in 2018. And now, it seems that the company has finally perfected the super-sized snacks.

Normally, we enjoy cereals in a milk-filled bowl. And it’s not a secret that it’s become more than just a morning meal staple for some people. I mean, who hasn’t had a bowl of Froot Loops as a midnight snack, aside from those with amazing self-control? And according to Instagram snack sleuth @candyhunting, it’s not just Froot Loops that’s gotten the jumbo treatment. You can expect Apple Jacks, Tiger Paws and Corn Pops Caramel Crunch in jumbo form soon too!


Snack on your favorite Kellogg’s cereal with Jumbo Snax

Other cereal-loving Instagram blogs like @cerealtimetv, @markie_devo and @junkfoodonthego have also shared the mega-sized news to their delighted followers. And we can totally understand the excitement over the new snacks. Who wouldn’t be? They’re basically “super duper big pieces of cereal in pouches” as @markie_devo so eloquently wrote! There’s no way anyone can say no to this!

A PR representative from Kellogg’s has disclosed that the jumbo cereal snack will be available by May 2020. In addition to that, it’s also been confirmed that these oversized treats won’t be offered for a limited time. Which means that these will probably become a permanent addition to the Kellogg’s lineup. Per the release, the snack will be available in 8-piece, 6-ounce packs for $4.99, and in 12-piece, 0.45-ounce bags for $5.49. No further information has been disclosed about which retailer(s) will carry the jumbo treats, so we’re guessing that they’ll be available in all leading supermarkets.