Mini Emojis Waffle Maker

Every parent knows the struggle of getting their kids to put down their smartphones and have them eat their breakfast. But as we always say, modern problems require modern solutions. Draw their attentions back to the breakfast table with the help of this mini emojis waffle maker. This modern kitchen appliance makes 7 of the most commonly used emoticons in electronic messages. So, you can entice your kids to eat their breakfast while they pretend like they’re texting at the same time.

This mini emojis waffle maker features a non-stick waffler iron with 7 molds in the shape of adorable emojis. The pre-molded expressions include Smile, Kiss Face, Heart Eyes, Confused, Happy Tears, Eye Roll, and Crying. No matter the current mood is, there’s always something to match the vibe. Watch as your kids enjoy the goodness of a healthy breakfast and the fun-shaped waffles.


Mini Emojis Waffle Maker

mini emojis waffle maker

The 7 adorable expressions also let you express your emotions on the food. Well, these popular emoticons are definitely the most effective way to communicate with your young’uns. Besides, this modern pictograph culture is more than just a millennial fad, it has become a primitive language. So, it’s fine to use their language once in a while.

mini emojis waffle maker box


mini emojis waffle maker nonstick surface


mini emojis waffle maker pre-shaped molds


smiley faces pancakes

Making perfectly-shaped mini emojis that look too good to eat has never been this quick and easy. The waffle maker also includes waffle recipes to help you make the yummiest breakfast your family is sure to enjoy. Plus, its non-stick surface makes cleaning a lot easier.

“My favorite breakfast tool! Easy, fast, delicious pancakes.”, one satisfied buyer wrote. “It’s easy to clean and fun to use. Our grandchildren love it.”, another buyer wrote.

smiley faces nonstick waffler


smiley faces waffler iron


smiley faces shaped pancakes

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