Bruce The Dog Has A Stick Collection And Had To Show His Dad How Proud He Was Of It

Many people collect something or want to collect something because it’s just a part of who they are. But collecting isn’t just a human thing, it’s an animal thing to. This dog is winning the hearts of the internet by flaunting his stick collection to his owner. And his owner, Leo Icenhour, couldn’t be any prouder of him.

While collecting items originally comes from a hobby or interest, it is the thrill of the hunt that turns this interest into a profound passion.  If you’re a collector yourself, you definitely understand the emotional connection between you and the items you’re collecting. But it turns out that even animals also manifest the compulsion of collecting. We’ve heard about cats hoarding and hiding shiny objects such as jewelry, coins, beads and more. Well, this dog named Bruce has a less complicated choice: sticks. Just like his owner, you will also be impressed with his collection.


Bruce Shows Off His Amazing Stick Collection

bruce dog stick collection
Leo Icenhour

Bruce is a 4-year-old golden retriever who is becoming the newest canine internet sensation. While most dogs would deem sticks as mere toys for playing fetch, Bruce prefers to collect and treasure them. Most collectors have their own stories to tell about how their passion started. And Bruce is no exemption. But while most collectors have fond experiences with their favorite items, this adorable dog has a rather tragic experience with sticks.

Two years ago, a stick accidentally perforated his esophagus while they were playing fetch with his owner. And the injury almost took his life. Fortunately, he recovered from the injury. But was not allowed to play with sticks since then. He still plays with fetch but with a rubber stick instead. But Bruce seems to yearn for the usual wooden sticks despite the terrible experience he had. The cute doggo knew that he isn’t allowed to play with sticks anymore. So, he decided to collect them instead.


Due To A Previous Accident, Bruce Wasn’t Allowed To Play With Sticks Anymore, So He Decided To Collect Them Instead

Just like other collectors’ story, Bruce’s collection started with one piece that he randomly found outside. Unfortunately, he lost his favorite stick after a winter storm buried it deeply under a pile of snow. Icenhour revealed that Bruce hectically dug into the snow for days to search for his stick.


“After a few days of sunshine melted enough of the snow, he finally struck gold while digging and found his precious stick. I believe from that moment on he never wanted to be stick-less again, so he started the collection,” said Icenhour.

Bruce currently has over 50 items in his collection. It includes sticks of different lengths, widths, shapes and forms. Since they live near a creek where floods often occur, he never runs out of various driftwood to choose from. Bruce still isn’t allowed to bring his collection into the house. But Icenhour designated an area outside the house where he could display his favorite sticks.


Bruce And His Owner Leo Icenhour

After Icenhour shared a photo of Bruce flaunting his massive collection, the post quickly went viral. The photo found itself on various social media platforms and was later featured on several online news media outlets. As to Bruce becoming a famous doggo on the internet, his owner wasn’t really surprised at all.


“Am I surprised that Bruce has become an internet sensation? Absolutely not. He is the light of my life and truly a unique pup so I am more proud of him than anything. He is the moon to my stars, the cheese to my macaroni, and the peanut butter to my jelly.”


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