You Can Get A Candle That Will Make Your Room Smell Just Like Candy Corn

It’s been said that inhaling a particular scent can trigger a memory or emotion. A whiff of perfume can remind you of someone, the smell of freshly baked cookies can trigger happiness, and the sharp tangy scent of lemons can invigorate you. And right now, the warmth of pumpkin spice is beginning to replace the tropical scents of summer. But if you’re looking to set the autumnal mood with something other than the essence of pumpkin and spices, why not light up a candy corn candle this time?

We all know that candy corn is a pretty controversial seasonal treat. Others don’t mind it and others detest it. But one thing is certain: this corn kernel-shaped, tri-colored candy treat isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Love it or hate it, candy corn is and always will be an autumnal staple in the candy aisle! But we also have to admit that this candy doesn’t exactly have the strongest, most recognizable scent profile. In fact, it barely smells like anything. But that still didn’t stop Etsy shop Country Rich Creations from making batches of candles with this candy scent.

Candy Corn Candle Set
Country Rich Creations


This Etsy shop is offering a candy corn candle to help you set the fall mood in your home

Typically, we think all scented candles can be used for aromatherapy. The National Candle Association clarified that “most fragranced candles are not true aromatherapy candles” since they don’t have enough essential oils to actually constitute aromatherapy. However, the NCA did note that “faux” aromatherapy candles can induce a psychological effect, which helps us settle into a particular state either way. Country Rich Creation’s candle most likely falls under the latter category since it’s inspired by a seasonal treat and is simply meant to help set the autumnal ambiance in our home.

As we’ve noted, candy corn doesn’t have a strong, identifying scent. But it makes up for its lack of scent with its super sweet yet warm vanilla flavor. So it totally makes sense that Country Rich Creations would incorporate these characteristics in their seasonal candy-inspired scented candle! In addition to its warm vanilla fragrance, the candle will also give off subtle hints of butter and almond. Homey, isn’t it?

12 ounce candy corn candle
Country Rich Creations


4 ounce candy corn candle
Country Rich Creations


The candle is made of a custom wax blend


“We use a parasoy custom blend wax. It is a combination of paraffin and soy wax, giving our candles the best of both worlds. Blending the two waxes gives the candle the best cold and hot scent throw.”

You can get Country Rich Creation’s candle in various sizes. If you want to sample it before committing, they offer 3.5-ounce cubes that will burn for at least 3 hours. Then, if you find yourself pleasantly surprised, you can get a 4-ounce jar that promises at least 30 hours of burn time or a 12-ounce option that can burn somewhere between 85 to 90 hours depending on how long you intend to keep it lit. And in case you didn’t know, September is actually World Candle Month.

So it would be a great time to collect as many unique and season-appropriate scented candles at this time! Check out the candy corn-scented candle here.

Source: Etsy