You Can Now Get Snow And Ice Preemptive Treatment So Your Path/Driveway Stays Clear Through Winter

Winter is coming and soon the streets will be covered with thick layers of snow. Of course, your driveway, walkway, porch and stairs are no exception either. Clearing snow off your property can be a tedious chore. This is particularly true if you’re doing it manually with just a shovel or a snowblower. Luckily, you can now buy a snow and ice preemptive treatment to prevent these winter elements from building up.


An Easier and More Effective Way to Clear Snow off Your Property

The de-icing treatment package includes a sprayer and a gallon of the pre-treatment solution. Since it’s a pre-treatment solution, you may spray it on areas where you don’t want snow and ice to accumulate even before a snowstorm hits.

De-iced Sidewalk


Snow and Ice Preemptive Treatment Sprayer


The solution will then help prevent snow from sticking to these areas for up to two weeks. As such, this will result in easier snow removal with less scraping. You can also apply it to exposed areas when the snow starts to fall. This will inhibit snow and ice accumulation to only two inches.


Treated Versus Not Treated Sidewalk


The sprayer runs on four D batteries, so you don’t have to exert any pressure when using it. In addition, it can hold up to one gallon of the included solution. A gallon of the pre-treatment solution can provide the same coverage as a 50-pound bag of conventional road salt. Unlike typical road salt, this solution is safe for pets and plants. Plus, it’s water-soluble, biodegradable, and non-staining.

This de-icing treatment is not just for residential use. As per the product description, state governments also use the same treatment on major roads and streets. Hence, you can be sure that this product really does the job of clearing ice and snow off surfaces.


Sidewalk Treated with Snow and Ice Preemptive Treatment Solution


Get yours now from Hammacher Schlemmer’s website for only $59.95. Should you need an extra snow and ice preemptive treatment solution, the site is also selling a 2.5-gallon variant.

Snow and Ice Preemptive Treatment Solution


All purchases from Hammacher Schlemmer come with a lifetime guarantee, under standard and non-commercial use.