The ‘Bobsla’ Is An E-Vehicle That’s Basically Half Go-Kart And Half Snowmobile

Make the most out of the winter season by driving the Bobsla e-vehicle that lets you drift around in the snow. This innovative electric vehicle is a hybrid of a snowmobile and a go-kart. Now you can drive a go-kart on snow, thanks to this amazing snow e-vehicle. And we’re pretty sure we’ve found our ultimate winter sport with all the fun. Now, who wants to have go-kart racing on the snow? Count us in!

Bobsla GmbH is a Tyrol-based startup company that specializes in developing light electric vehicles for winter racing and fun in the snow. For this year’s winter season, the company has introduced the Bobsla that is specifically designed for ski resorts and hotels. Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, a popular ski resort in Austria, has purchased several units of the e-vehicles and offers them for rental to guests. The Austrian ski resort is selling tickets to ride the go-kart snowmobiles at €20 for 15 minutes.


Bobsla is a light electric vehicle that combines a go-kart and a snowmobile

bobsla go-kart snowmobile


bobsla e-vehicle

Each snow e-vehicle is custom-made based on the customer’s specifications. Although the units are all made in Austria, the company states that they also export the Bobsla to other parts of the world such as the US and UK. However, shipping and delivery will run up the costs so it will be quite high.

go-kart snowmobile electric vehicle


go-kart snowmobile e-vehicle

The go-kart snowmobile has rechargeable batteries that power a 12-kW dual-motor drive. The batteries take around 2 hours to fully charge while the powerful motor can speed up to 18.6 mph. In order to provide undisrupted fun to the guests, ski resorts are advised to have at least 5 Bobsla e-vehicles with spare batteries and a charging station. Also take note that the go-kart snowmobile only works on a small snow surface, around 50 to 100 meters.


Furthermore, this light electric vehicle is easy to drive and operate, even newbies can drift on the snow with it. It is ideal for those who like sports and those who want to drive a snowmobile. Check the videos below to watch the Bobsla in action.


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