You Can Now Get Yourself An Expandable Tiny Home Complete With Solar Power And Requires No DIY Work On Amazon

Buying a house has become more difficult than it used to be. With housing costs rising and options becoming more unavailable, those of us looking to invest in a place to call home are facing a dilemma. Because of this, many are choosing to live in downsized places, to save on costs and to simplify their lifestyle. And since living in small spaces has become such a big trend, Amazon’s naturally got a wide range for you to choose from. But among their many offerings, this expandable tiny home from Weizhengheng certainly caught our eye.

Living in a tiny house sounds like something you’d hear in a fairy tale. In real life, a lot of people (*cough* Boomers *cough*) have a hard time with the idea of living in such an enclosed space. After all, we need a lot of things to live comfortably! But tiny homes typically require a lot of customization, most of which can only be done through DIY. Between struggling to juggle a healthy work-life balance, do you really have the time?

the expanding tiny home


expanding tiny home with solar panel design


Weizhengheng’s expandable tiny home is equipped with all the features you need

Unlike other prefab homes, the Weizhengheng Expandable Prefab Module Tiny House isn’t an empty shell when you get it. Hebei Weizhengheng Modular House Technology Co.’s already fitted this adorable abode with working fixtures in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living room. The interior is equipped with a luxury shower and toilet, and even features an energy-saving air conditioner. The modular house is made to fit in a shipping container, however, it can expand with just one click on the provided remote control.

The sleek and elegant design of the house is made possible with composite fiberglass. It’ll be a comfortable home for any first-time homeowner. You can use this shed for almost anything you want. It can be a guest house, a studio or even a pool house! The manufacturer is open to discussing any customization you want done with the home.

exterior and interior render of the expanding tiny home


unexpanded floor plan


expanded floor plan


It has its own power generating systems

Its expansion feature isn’t the only thing that’s remarkable about this tiny home. In fact, this home is fully capable of generating electricity through solar or wind energy. Both systems are installed at the top of the house for efficient collection. The power gained from these systems can power your home with 250W which can be used continuously for up to 32 hours. So go ahead, plan that sleepover with your crew and have that movie marathon while enjoying chilled drinks!

energy-efficient air conditioner and storage


expanding tiny home air conditioner and power source


The expanding container house comes furnished

furnished living area

Weizhengheng has generously fitted the container home with fixtures that you’d otherwise have to do by yourself. Aside from the bathroom, they’ll also fit the home with a functional kitchen where you can easily prepare food for yourself or your guests.

kitchen island inside the expanding tiny home


expanding tiny home bathroom fixtures


“This expandable container tiny house is an upgrade version. Both decking and balcony roofing can be expanded and folded when it is needed, easy to transport when the trailer is equipped.”


luxury toilet and shower installation at the expanding tiny home



pull-up table

Check it out here. Weizhengheng has other designs you might want to consider on their website.