Find Out How Likely It Is That You Could Lose Your Job To A Machine


Although experts aren't 100 percent in agreement on how many human workers will ultimately be replaced, the likelihood is that within the next 10 years, machines will be able to do a lot of jobs that us people do now, for a fraction of the cost. Simple economics means that businesses will replace humans with machines in order to save money. But, of course, not every job could be done by a machine! So, how likely is it that a machine will replace you in your current job? Like we said, nobody's entirely sure how this change will go down, but the people over at 'Poker Stars' have estimated the odds of various jobs being taken over by machines. It's bad news for manual workers, clerks, and many people in the service industry, as these seem to be some with the highest risk of being replaced. However, any jobs that require creativity, social intelligence, negotiation or caring for others are likely to be kept by human workers! Take a look and see for yourself!
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