16 Spectacular Winter Photos From Around The Globe

Winter is both a jolly and exhausting season for many people. However, there’s no denying that the season remains magical, which you can see from these beautiful winter photos. What do you picture when you think of winter? Snow, of course! But it’s not always about building a snowman for everyone. Sandman, anyone…? Whether it’s hot or cold where you live during winter, there’s always something cool to snap the perfect picture of.

Check out these 16 spectacular winter photos from around the globe. You may end up appreciating (or hating!) where you live.


Why winter in Japan is the best you can find.

A mob of chilly kangaroos in Australia.

It’s been snowing a little in Boston. Snow day it is!

Rochester, New York. The snow can catch you off guard.

And a front door in Plum, Island. Looks like someone’s staying home for the day.

Human icicles in Lake Michigan. Wow!

A very narrow train track in Canada. That is some serious snow right there!

Students climbing the Alps of MIT.

Winter Wonderlands captured on camera

Breathtaking winter nights in London, UK.

An iced bumper on the road. Amazing!

And more snow in Hull, England. She’s all smiles because her wipers aren’t frozen, fortunately.

The Great Wall of China in winter. Simply beautiful.

Sometimes, it’ not always about the snowman. This is how winter in Southern California is celebrated.

Check out these snow walls! This was taken in Norway.

When it’s a battle between winter and summer. Global warming at its finest.

This guy is stuck in 7 feet of snow in Boston.

Do you have any photos to share about the winter in your side of the globe? Post them in the comments below.