Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug Reveals a Hidden “Happy Painting”

Most artists consider painting as a serious form of art. But one painter gave a whole new meaning to the art of painting. Bob Ross, an American painter and TV host, is very well-known up to this day due to his happy approach in painting. His TV show The Joy of Painting became the most watched TV art show in history.  Even after his death in 1995, his tutorial videos continue to educate and inspire aspiring painters. All the episodes from this popular show are currently compiled on YouTube. As of this writing, the official Bob Ross channel has 2.5 million subscribers, with some episodes hitting 5 million views. And if you want to commemorate this remarkable painter, you can get yourself a self-painting Bob Ross Mug.

Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug

As a tribute to his vibrant personality, the Unemployed Philosophers Guild is offering this Bob Ross heat changing mug. Upon taking the mug out of its box, you can see the smiling image of the painter against a black background. Well, that’s not exactly the most ideal representation of the happy painter. But wait till you fill the mug up with hot water. The dark background suddenly transforms into a colorful painting as it heats up.

bob-ross-heat changing mug


The mug itself symbolizes the painter’s belief that everyone has an artist hiding within just waiting to be unleashed. Through his popular TV show, he clearly got the message across that anyone can paint. Even now, his famous quotes still linger in the hearts of many people. One of which is his quote “We don’t make mistakes, we have happy accidents.”

cold before


hot after


we have happy accidents


we dont make mistakes


heat changing mug before and after



bob ross self painting mug

Get your own self-painting Bob Ross mug now and greet the morning with a positive mind. Add more colors and happiness into your life, just like his vibrant paintings. Let this mug remind us that Bob Ross still lives among us, constantly inspiring us to live a happy life.
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