These Impression Toasters Let People Know Your Current Mood

Nothing beats the feeling of waking up in the morning in a good mood. But there are also times when we find ourselves waking up on the wrong side of the bed. No matter what your morning mood is, these impression toasters allow you to freely express your emotions in the morning. Whether you make a happy breakfast or vent your frustrations by making morning insults – that depends entirely on your current mood.

The toasters come in two versions: the angry toaster and the happy toaster. Each toaster comes with 8 interchangeable plates in unique designs to let you make toasted-on pictures. Both versions have 2 wide toasting slots, making it easier to insert and take out your toast. Furthermore, the toasting slots are equipped with a magnetic clip to safely insert and remove the plates. This makes switching from one plate to another a breeze.


Impression Toasters In ‘Angry’ and ‘Happy’ Moodsimpressions toasters

So, let’s start with the angry toaster first. They say that venting your anger and letting off steam makes you feel better. And if you can’t bring yourself to put your irritation into words, let the angry toaster do the talking for you. This black-colored toaster comes with 8 morning insult design plates that angry adults will surely love. With this, even the morning haters will look forward to waking up and making these toasted insults for breakfast.

angry toaster design plates


angry toaster wide toasting slots


impressions toasters morning insults designs

If you want nothing but positive vibes in the morning, the happy toaster is definitely your most ideal kitchen buddy. This white-colored toaster comes with 8 uplifting design plates to help you start the day with happiness and positivity. Of course, we highly recommend this version if you’re making breakfast for your kids. The inspiring messages on their toasts will certainly bring smiles to their faces.

happy toaster design plates


happy toaster wide toasting slots


impressions toasters happy messages

These two toasters feature 7 browning control settings to let you regulate how much the bread is toasted according to your taste. They also feature a slide out crumb tray to keep your counter clean. Since you never know what your mood will be in the morning, it’s wise to get both these toasters. So, you can switch between them depending on how you’re feeling. One happy buyer wrote:

“Quite frankly, I thought this was a silly product. An impression toaster? Are you kidding me? Surely, a sign of American decline. But, oh well. My teenage son asked for it. I bought it. He thinks it’s extremely funny. His siblings agree. Their friends are impressed. When we have guests over for lunch, it’s the perfect conversation piece.”

impression toasters toasted-on pictures

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