Hershey’s Caramel Whipped Cream Will Make Every Dessert Taste Amazing

Whipped cream can really bring any ordinary dessert to a whole new level. But if you’re bored of the traditional vanilla flavor then this Hershey’s Caramel Whipped Cream might be the one for you. This caramel-flavored dairy topping will surely add a creamier texture to your dessert, with a mildly sweet and a little toasty flavor. It would be a great alternative to the usual vanilla to give any dessert a more variety of flavors.

The Hershey’s cream was recently spotted by Instagram snack blogger @candyhunting at Woodman’s Market. It comes in a 7-oz can featuring a tamper-resistant cap and a nozzle top. And just like vanilla, caramel can also go with everything. This caramel-flavored topping works perfectly with coffee, milkshake, apple pie, cake, brownies and many other sweet treats.


Hershey’s Caramel Whipped Cream

hershey's caramel whipped cream



This is not the first time that the Hershey’s cream was in stores. Last year, shoppers found these canned dairy toppings at Hy-Vee stores. One Instagram user says “it really tastes like caramel and gives a hint of a butterscotch flavor”. So, if you missed it last year, now is your chance to redeem and get yourself a can or two. With that being said, we’re now ready to run to the nearest Woodman’s Market or Hy-Vee store. And you should be too.