You Can Now Get Giant Xbox And Playstation Controller Coffee Tables

Full-fledged gamers don’t just use any ordinary coffee tables. Instead, they use this game controller coffee table. Designed in the shape of giant Xbox or Playstation controllers, this low table makes a perfect addition to your game room or your living room. Moreover, this is probably the coolest way to express your love for Xbox or Playstation, whichever you adore the most.

For Xbox fans, this giant Xbox coffee table might be the most practical collectible that you could ever find. This handmade replica of the Xbox One controller features an accurate upsized copy of the real thing. Directional pad, left/right analog sticks, face buttons, guide button, back and start buttons and the left/right triggers. It features everything up to the smallest detail. The table top is entirely constructed from Birch plywood finished in flat black. High quality vinyl decals are applied on the buttons with a matte clear final coating to protect and seal the surface.


Xbox Coffee Table

xbox one controller coffee table with glass top

The giant Xbox coffee table features hairpin steel legs that are zinc plated for maximum durability. One of the good things about this handmade furniture is that you can customize its color and height. By default, it measures 39 inches (horizontal) wide, 26 inches (vertical) wide and 26.5 inches tall. But you can specify your preferred size in your order details. It is available in black and red colors but you can also customize it to your desired color. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include a glass top but you can opt to add it for an additional charge.

xbox one console inspired furniture


furniture for xbox gamers


xbox one controller coffee table


xbox console inspired furniture


xbox one controller coffee table red


xbox one console inspired furniture red


giant xbox one controller coffee table red

If you’re more of a Playstation person then this PS3 coffee table is the one for you. Just like the previous item, this table features a giant version of the actual PS3 controller with complete details. But unlike the previous one, this item comes with a custom cut tempered glass top with two open slots for the movable analog sticks. Plus, this PS3 controller table has a fold down door which opens to a spacious storage for your gaming essentials. Really convenient!


Playstation 3 Version

ps3 controller coffee table with glass top


ps3 controller coffee table


ps3 console inspired furniture fold down door


ps3 console inspired furniture with storage


furniture for playstation gamers

Get the Xbox controller coffee table here and the PS3 controller table here.

Source: Etsy | Xbox (Black) | Xbox (Red) | Playstation