Spreadable Mojito Brings The Flavors Of Rum And Lime To Your Morning Toast

Cocktails for breakfast? Maybe, but we all want to be sober in the morning. You can, however, enjoy the taste of boozy rum in the morning by adding this spreadable mojito to your breakfast dishes. Spread it on your morning toast or just scoff it straight from the jar. The alcohol is cooked off so you won’t have to worry about getting wasted early in the morning.

This is a gourmet marmalade infused with rum and real juicy limes to give you a dash of invigorating cocktail flavor in every spread. A perfect pair for your toast, you can also pair it with ice cream, sorbets and cheese. It also makes a citrusy ingredient for baking and can be added to cocktails to bring more flavor to your drinks. And of course, it’s not a bad idea to eat a spoonful of this delicious spread straight from the jar.


Spreadable Mojito Rum & Lime Marmalade

rum and lime marmalade

This marmalade comes in a 225-gram jar. It contains 3% rum which is just enough to give you a kick to jumpstart your day. Furthermore, this marmalade allows you to enjoy the refreshing combination of rum and lime on a daily basis. But make sure not to eat the entire jar in one sitting. A perfect gift for the rum-loving person in your life. They’ll never want to start the day without this rum and lime marmalade ever again.

rum and lime marmalade spread


spreadable mojito


spreadable mojito marmalade

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spreadable mojito rum and lime marmalade

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