Kellogg’s Unicorn And Mermaid Waffles Are Blue Raspberry And Cotton Candy Flavors

Breakfast just got more magical! Kellogg’s just recently rolled out its Unicorn and Mermaid Waffles to bring more color to our mornings. And people can’t seem to choose between these two mesmerizing treats. Well, why pick just one when you can have them both, right?

These frozen waffles make a beautiful and delicious part of a complete breakfast. Both feature fantastical colors to amaze the whole family. It’s like bringing a magical world right to the table. The Unicorn ones have an alluring pink color with cotton candy flavor while the Mermaid has an enchanting teal color with blue raspberry flavor. So, they’re not just pleasing to the eyes but they’re delectable as well.


Kellogg’s Unicorn and Mermaid Waffles

These waffles are easy to prepare. Just pop these frozen waffles in the oven or toaster for a crispy and delightfully fluffy breakfast treat. Each bite is packed with cotton candy or blue raspberry flavor to help you start your day in the most enchanting way. You can enjoy them on their own or with your favorite waffle toppings such as butter, syrup or whipped cream. You can also make them even more magical by finishing them off with colorful sprinkles.

kelloggs unicorn cotton candy waffles



kelloggs mermaid blue raspberry waffles


Each flavor comes in a 11.6-oz box containing 6 waffles. They are currently listed on Walmart website. But people have spotted them in stores including Albertsons, Safeway, Vons and more. So, it appears that they’re not store-exclusive. We’re not sure though if these are limited-edition items or not. But just to be on the safe side, make sure to stock up on these beauties if you ever find them in the freezer aisle.


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I stroll down the frozen breakfast aisle daily expecting to see my long lost love Kellogg’s Confetti Waffles or the new pancakes to make an appearance. Sadly my chubby little heart is let down everytime?.. @kelloggsus is making up for one sad Markie, with the new Birthday Cake Waffles followed by an exciting new Mermaid Waffle. The B-day cake packaging states it’s yellow cake with rainbow sprinkles(YUM). The Mermaid description states a blue raspberry flavor(HECK YEA).??????? This is the 2020 waffle gift we all needed (considering). Breakfast is about to be a party once again??????? These both were spotted @safeway . I reached out to @kelloggsus to find out where else we can purchase them at. Stay tuned for an update? Thank you to the fellow Chubster who sent in this fantastic image?

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