Tattoo Artist Esther Garcia Creates Beautiful Blackout Tattoo Designs That Cover Large Areas

Getting a tattoo is a major life decision. After all, it’s something that will stay with you for the rest of your life. But what if you no longer want it? While laser tattoo removal services are an option, most people opt to cover them up instead with a brand-new tattoo. Hence, this explains the rising popularity of blackout tattoos. As the name suggests, tattoos of this kind usually involve covering a large area of the body with black ink.

One tattoo artist has taken this trend to the next level by using botanical images in her work. Hailing from Chicago, Esther is a predominantly self-taught artist who’s famous for her intricate body ink designs. Her works showcase the perfect contrast between light-colored elements against a pitch-black background.




Tattoo artist Esther Garcia specializes in creating blackout tattoos that look like floral wonderlands



Garcia revealed that she draws inspiration from 17th-century Dutch flower and fruit paintings. So, she is fond of using flowers like garden roses, peonies and sweet peas in her masterpieces. Also, she also uses winged creatures like birds, butterflies and moths in her work to.




Each design is one-of-a-kind



The artist, who has recently celebrated her 20th year in the industry, previously owned Butterfat Studios. According to her website, it’s a “private, all-female artist-driven tattoo shop in Chicago’s Logan Squares neighborhood.”



From time to time, she accepts tattoo appointments and consultation services. However, she makes it clear that she “works exclusively” using her own concepts and designs. Nonetheless, she’s still open to client requests and minor adjustments as well.




“It doesn’t hurt to ask, and I often have ideas for alternate designs/techniques I’m very excited about, so please don’t hesitate to write in. I likely will not be willing to make it much smaller, or take out the weird part, or copy something I’ve already done on someone else.”



Lately, Garcia has been working on a textile and commercial design project in collaboration with graphic designer Kyle Letendre. In addition, she’s looking into conducting traveling seminars for young and budding tattoo artists. Check out more of her awe-inspiring designs below.




Source: Esther Garcia Website | Instagram