Photographer Daniela Majic Creates Magical Garden Backgrounds In Her Attic


Canadian photographer Daniela Majic has created a series of photos called The Secret Garden that look like something out of a fairytale. But, what's so impressive is that she constructed these wondrous scenes in her attic! While they might look like they've been taken in some amazing botanical garden or tropical greenhouse, really it was just a lot of clever staging and hard work. Majic says that she tries to treat the set for each photo shoot like it's an art installation, so you can imagine the level of effort and dedication she must put into crafting these little slices of magical worlds. She sells prints of her work to raise money for the charity 'Because I am a Girl', which is dedicated to empowering females worldwide and securing equal rights and access to things like education and employment for girls and women.

Website: Daniela Majic Photography 








Now let's take a brief look behind the scenes of these photo shoots.




What beautiful and magical photos. Daniela Majic certainly lives up to her name!

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