There’s A Belly Button Lint Brush To Clean Out That Fluff

There are two types of gift shoppers in the world: those who get practical presents and those who strive to share something silly in the spirit of spreading holiday cheer. But prank gifts don’t always have to be… impractical. So if you’re looking for something that’s both hilarious and useful at the same time, why not go for a belly button lint brush for your friends and family? The hygiene-conscious will love it, and those who relish the feeling of poking their belly button will too!

Sometimes, despite our better judgment, we poke our belly button, sniff our finger, and make a sour face. It’s one of those weird things that we all seem to do in secret. And the only way to avoid having a smelly navel is through regular cleaning. Some use soap and water, others prefer to use Q-tips, and others still prefer the ‘hands-on’ method. Out of the three cleaning methods we’ve mentioned, washing will always work best in ridding your belly button of the built-up sebum and dead skin inside. Using a Q-tip will do a good job too, but it may push in some lint into the folds our skin. And using your finger won’t really do much aside from telling you that it’s time to clean out the lint and gunk in your belly button.

colorful belly button lint brush set


maggie holds a purple belly button lint brush


This creative Etsy shop has a Belly Button Lint Brush you can use to poke some fun with friends and family

“Belly Button Lint Brush for the person who has everything.”

Each and every Belly Button Lint Brush is handmade by Maggie Bass who owns the Etsy store MaggiesCraftSale. She’s based in San Antonio, Texas, and has been crafting since 2010! Her brushes comprise of combined beads and craft pipe cleaner. With the pipe cleaner being bent from end to end, the miniature Belly Button Lint Brush will have you thinking of a bigger brush you’ve probably got at home… in your bathroom. The brushes are available in several fun colors like yellow, green, sky blue, purple, and even pink. You can them individually but if you can’t pick a color, you can opt for a set instead.

man uses a red belly button lint brush


10 belly button lint brushes


The fun little brushes come in solid colors like green

belly button lint brush in green


belly button lint brush in purple

…and yellow

belly button lint brush in yellow


Other brushes will feature a combination of colors

belly button lint brush with sky blue handle and yellow bristles


belly button lint brush with pink handle and red bristles

It is important to note that Bass’s Belly Button Lint Brush isn’t meant to be used seriously. The brushes should only be used for fun. You can choose to get the Belly Button Lint Brush independently or in sets of 5 or 10. We highly recommend that you order this product ahead of time, because each item is made individually by hand. The playful miniature brush will definitely make a great gag gift or stocking stuffer this Christmas! Don’t wait until it’s too late – order it here now!

Source: Etsy