11 Images Showcasing Gorgeous Dragon Themed Jewelry You Will Fall In Love With

Many fantasy lovers out there will have a particular fondness for dragons. And, rightly so! They are some of the coolest fictional creatures ever created with their awesome shapes, skins and colors, we only wish they were real. If you’re a dragon lover yourself, you may be interested in the work of Aelia Petro. Aelia is a graphic artist from Ontario, Canada, who creates the most awesome hand sculpted and hand painted jewelry out of polymer clay. Check it out below!
Website: ArtByAelia

We love the way the necklaces sit on the neck!

No two pieces of Aelia’s jewelry are ever the same.

We adore this color scheme!

You can order certain pieces in the color(s) of your choosing!

We admire Aelia’s unique creativity. 

The bracelets are like wearing your own pet dragon.

We would definitely have to give these pieces names!

The rings are just adorable! Tiny dragons!

They look good whether you wear them like this…

…or like this.

Aside from rings, bracelets and necklaces, Aelia also offers hair clips, brooches, magnets and more!