People Sharing Beautiful Examples Of Embroidery Proving It’s An Awesome Skill To Learn

Although embroidery was initially considered as a form of craft, it has continuously developed new forms and managed to present itself as a contemporary art form. The ever-evolving technique continues to build its legacy thanks to the talented contemporary artists who are introducing new styles and techniques in creating beautiful embroidery.

We’ve seen the works of Vera Shimunia, Victoria Richards, Artemis, and Danielle Clough. Their hand-woven masterpieces featuring simple and alluring statements gave the ancient craft a whole new meaning. Instead of a brush, paint, or pen, these artists are using a needle and a thread to express their artistic creativity through beautiful embroidery. What used to be a traditional craft to reflect details on fabric is now being used to depict the subject itself.  From landscapes and portraits to animals and architectural structures – any subject comes to life on a fabric canvas with the right threads and the right technique.


Beautiful Embroidery

“‘Iris’, a colorful fantasy planet embroidery, that reminds me of a weird oil spill”


“Kind Of A Silly Themed Piece For A Family Member’s Graduation From A Forensic Science Program – Hope She Likes It! My First Time Doing Text And First Time Framing Embroidery Using The Lacing Method…”


“Flowers On Converse”

Whether you’ve just started to learn the ropes or have already mastered the craft, you might want to look for some interesting inspirations for your next piece. If that’s the case then look no further than the subreddit r/Embroidery. The online community serves as a platform for stitchers to share their impressive works, exchange tips, and introduce new stitching ideas. So if you’re looking for fresh ideas for your next needlework then you already know where to find one. We’ve picked out the most beautiful entries from the page to help you get started.

“My New Embroidery! I Like This Pink Piece”


“So. Many. French. Knots”


“My Latest Hand Embroidered Piece: Apantesis Incorrupta/Moth”


“My First Double Hoop And By Far Most Elaborate Project! This Is A Wedding Gift For My Artsy Friends Based On A Photograph. The Cutest Part Is That The Little Lights Actually Turn On!”


“Kiwi Anatomy 100% Legit”


“Watercolor Is Hard!”


“What Doesn’t Kill You”


“My Most Recent Thread Painting ‘You Were My Sunflower…'”


“My Embroidered Entomology Collection Is Getting Bigger!”


“Stitched My Great-Grandparents”


“Been Inspired By My Recent Walks To Recreate Some Moss And Lichen. Embroidery Mixed With Some Tiny Crochet”

Just like any skill, embroidery takes time and effort to learn. But it’s actually an easy and inexpensive hobby that only requires all-around supplies such as needle, thread, and fabric. For decorative needlecraft, you may also need to incorporate other materials such as beads, pearls, or ribbons to accessorize beautiful embroidery pieces.



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“One Of My Embroidery, 2019 Year”


“I’m A Phd Student Studying Soil Fertility. Had To Deck Out My New Lab Coat. Please With The Results”


“Koi Float”


“Just Finished This Cedar Waxwing! Took Around 50 Hrs Over The Course Of A Month And Over 45 Colors Of Thread”


“Finally It’s Done And My Cat Just Wants To Bite It. Still Thinking Whether To Add Whiskers!”


“After 60+ Hours, This Piece Is Finally Done!”


“I’ve Had A Box Of Old Skeleton Keys In My House For Years But Never Knew What To Do With Them Until A Few Days Ago When Inspiration Struck! Please Enjoy This Little Winged Key”

“All The Cephalopods Just Hanging Out”


My Grandma Recently Passed Away And My Family Had To Sell Her House, So I Stitched It For My Mom


“Jiji From Kiki’s Delivery Service On My Pocket”


“I Won First Prize At The Fair This Weekend For My Cross Stitch!”


“An Attempt I Did On Kicks”


“Made This Since My Girl Is Into Embroidery. She Said Yes. Also Please Don’t Judge The Craftmanship, Its My First Time”


“Finally Done! Well I Haven’t Prepared The Back Yet But Couldn’t Wait To Share It 🙂 Embroidery Inspired By Mermaid Paintings By Victor Nizovtsev. The Second Pic Is Taken In The Evening So It Is Better Noticeable How The Colors Shimmer”


“I’m Doing My Phd In Lung Diseases So Naturally I Had To Embroider Some Floral Lungs”


“Studio Ghibli Series! Featuring My Neighbor Totoro, Castle In The Sky, And Grave Of The Fireflies”


“Finished My Collar For My Traditional Bunad . It Wasn’t Easy”


“My Sister Does Research On Goats So I Made This Blazer For Her To Wear To Defend Her Thesis. I Used Free Motion Machine Embroidery For The Goat And Ribbon Embroidery For The Flowers”


“My Most Recent Hoop! This Was For My Nan To Gift To Her Friend Who Loves Crows”


“Mushroom Ring Sleeve Cuff I Made For My Jacket”


“Another Wedding Gift, This Time For A Close Cousin”


“A Year Of Work, And Now A Custom Frame For Sonder Andesite”


“My Collection So Far!”


“For My Daughter The Gardener”


“Happy Sheep”

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