This Husky Got To Pick A New Friend From The Animal Shelter And She Chose This Adorable Kitten

Who says cats and dogs can never be friends? We’ve featured plenty of heart-warming stories about the unlikely yet awe-inspiring friendships between a canine and a feline. Now this particular husky will further prove that friendship knows no species.

A woman named Christina owns a Tamaskan husky pup named Little Raven. Christina knew that Raven would need a buddy to grow up with. Since she had always wanted a dog and a cat, she decided to add a new kitty to the family. However, she was worried whether Raven would gladly accept a new member of the family or not. And it will be a cat on top of that. So in August 2015, she took the 3-month-old puppy to an animal shelter in Lubbock, Texas. And let the pup choose a companion for herself.


This Husky Puppy Got To Pick Out A Buddy And She Chose This Adorable Kitten


The staff introduced four kittens to the pup, but to no avail. None of them seemed to hit it off with her. But when the fifth kitten was introduced to her, the two immediately clicked with each other. Christina knew at that moment that Raven had finally found her best friend. They brought the friendly kitten home and named her Woodhouse. And the two best buddies have been inseparable since then.





Five Years Have Passed But Their Friendship Is As Strong As Ever

Raven and Woodhouse grew up together enjoying each other’s company. Even after five years their friendship is still going strong. They’re always together and still play together. They still love to groom each other, nap together and even celebrate their birthdays together. Follow Raven and Woodhouse on Instagram to take a peek inside their everyday life and to see sweet bonding moments together.
















Source: Instagram