People Who Use Their Creativity in Hilarious Ways

Studies show that boredom incites creativity and encourages you to look for a deeper sense of satisfaction. But what about using creativity in hilarious ways?

We are all creative in our own unique ways. And we can unleash our natural power if we delve into the realm of nowhere, or in other words, goof off. But not everything we create could be useful. Occasionally, creativity results to ridiculous creations and we feel satisfied about them just the same. Take a look at how these people managed to conquer their boredom by getting creative in a humorous way. We have gathered the funniest examples of how to use creativity in hilarious ways.



Seems like this person had a lot of time on their hands.

There’s too many pencils at the office and nothing to do. Make a crossbow.

Put your Photoshop skills to good use and put a smile on every Samuel L. Jackson photo you see.

Are you bored of looking at your pet fish all day long? Why not make a yearbook of them!

Somewhere out there, a mechanic is goofing around.

How to make your monitor look transparent.

Use a drone to make a teddy bear fly. Trust me, the teddy bear would love it.

Being creative in funny ways


Make a shrine for Terry Crews where you can worship him all you want, just because.

Some guys just decided to build a 10-m tall snowman because they were bored. Seems like fun, though!

Scooters are for adults, too. He almost fits on it.

When you need someone to talk to, this guy will do the job for free.

The ‘spoon’ version of the Belcher family. However, Louise has to be the fork and now she looks like Satan.

Well, animals are just like us.

Another awesome piece of creativity right here. This guy found an efficient method of saving water and time. You can now enjoy your hot ramen while taking a nice warm bath. Win win!

I never knew surfing during winter would be this cool.