Talented Artist Larysa Bernhardt Embroiders Giant Moths With Beautiful Designs

Moths are some of the world’s most mystical creatures. Unfortunately, they often don’t receive as much attention and love as their other winged counterparts like butterflies. Well, these embroidered moth plushies by Missouri-based artist Larysa Bernhardt will make you see these nocturnal critters in a different light and appreciate their underrated beauty.

At a glance, Bernhardt’s creations look straight out of ancient folklore. Combining vintage tapestries with faux fur and Belgian linen, she carefully sculpts each piece by hand.



This artist creates mystical embroidered moth plushies out of vintage textiles

The result is a rustic yet regal specimen, featuring delicate botanical elements, animals, and even historical figures. To make her sculptures positionable, she also incorporates wires and metal loops into their antennae, wings, bodies, and legs.


Moths and textiles may seem an ironic combination as these two are enemies by nature. But apparently, this irony ignited the artist’s fascination with these winged insects. As someone who has been sewing for most of her life, working with textiles, particularly vintage ones, has inevitably become Bernhardt’s passion.


To preserve their quality, she would often inspect them for moth larvae. Eventually, this routine prompted her to see the insects as opportunities rather than threats. With her renewed perspective, it didn’t take long for her to develop a newfound appreciation for these critters.

“What I love and what I fear melded into my work, in what I believe is a magical, albeit slightly menacing way.”

Keep scrolling down to see more of Bernhardt’s fascinating sculptures! And if you wish to purchase one of these elegant moth plushies, feel free to get in touch with the artist on Instagram.





Source: Larysa Bernhardt Instagram | Etsy