14 Images Showing The Hilarious Dad Who Trolls His Daughter’s Selfies Striking Again

You may have seen our previous post on the hilarious dad that is Chris Burr Martin who trolls his daughter Cassie’s Instagram images. Well, thankfully for us viewers, he’s back with even more great material! In fact, Chris’ impressions are so hilarious that he has almost double the amount of followers his daughter does. We just can’t get enough of this guy and we hope there’s more images to follow in the future. Dad’s everywhere could learn a thing or two from Chris. Take a look and enjoy!
Website: Instagram

Who has the better tattoo? You decide!

Nailed it.

Not a bad attempt at winged eyeliner here!

Cassie is lucky to have such a hilarious dad!

Facial expression on point!

We have to say we think Cassie rocks flannel better…

These images have really brightened up our day.

Not enough pout here Chris, come on!

Those trousers are something else!

Gazing into the distance pose… check. Paleness… check. Necklace… check!

This is one of our favorites!

Aww, adorable on both sides!

That’s a solid effort on copying the tattoos!

Who wore it better…?