People Tell The Most Awkward Situations They’ve Been While Stoned

Most people experience some changes in their mindset and sensation while stoned. The feeling of getting high can range from a mild euphoric sense up to an intense psychedelic experience.  You’ve probably seen your friends having a high time with Mary Jane and witnessed how each of them reacts to the effect of weed. Some stoners may act outrageously ridiculous while others feel almost nothing. If you ever intend to drift away to cloud nine, make sure to pick the right time for this. Trust me, you don’t want to end up in an embarrassing moment while your mind is hovering high. Learn from these people who have been in awkward situations while stoned.



Don’t mind me, I’m just high.

Doing something daring while stoned is a warranted disaster.

How to get blacklisted from parties.

Just tell them that yogurt really makes you happy.

It could have been more ridiculous if it talked back to you.

Virtual reality is my reality.

When you’re so high that you can’t even recognize your own dear brother.

She knows how it feels to dance with the unicorns and rainbows.

People can’t even tell the difference between a beggar and a stoner getting high.

Choosing when and where to get high is crucial if you don’t want to experience awkward situations like these people have.


The teacher and the student found their common interest.

Stoned and confused.

There she found the tv remote chilling out.

This traffic sign looks defective.

Too much weed and too much cartoon movies.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Never prank a stoned person, as in never.

Cannabis and the ridiculous things it makes you do.

Lost in time.

What a baby looks like in the eyes of a stoner.

Mary Jane can turn you into a shopping cart thief.

You really learn a lot of things from a retreat.