Embroidery Artist Creates Beautiful Landscapes That Look Like Paintings

Embroidery has a rich history that dates back to 30,000 BC and has been a time-honored craft mainly used to decorate clothing. Over the centuries, this ancient craft has gradually evolved until it reached its well-deserved title of an art form. So, it is thanks to the contemporary embroidery artists who skillfully merged their artistry with the craft.

Vera Shimunia, Danielle Clough and Victoria Richards are some of the artists who are pushing the boundaries of needlework. As this exquisite art continues to grow and rise in popularity, more and more artists are considering to use needles and threads instead of a paintbrush and paints. Lithuanian artist Jura Gric, just like most artists, finds inspiration in the pristine beauty of nature. Luckily for her, Lithuania is naturally rich in lush forests which made up almost 35% of the country’s territory. And you can evidently see how she uses the woods and forest animals as inspiration for her creations.


This Embroidery Artist Is Inspired By The Beautiful Forests of Lithuania

Most of her stitched masterpieces feature thick woods, verdant meadows and lakes in different seasons. She uses threads and yarns in various colors to create light and shading, making each piece look like a three-dimensional painting. Some of her works also include one forest animal or a human figure to give the setting a more solitary ambience. And with the solitary theme, it almost feels soothing just looking at her work.


“Needlework can be extremely time-consuming, but all the intricate details and textures are why I was so attracted to embroidery in the first place,” Gric said. “For now, I try not to create shortcuts or to merge embroidery with other mediums. I take a more traditional approach, I let the embroidery shine on its own as a wonderful art medium that it is.”


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"There was a time, a time when beauteous calm The forest breathed, our hearts to soothe and charm. For Lithuanians relish calm and ease As lush grass relishes a gentle breeze That stirs dark ripples as it passes by: We often weep in woods, not knowing why. For it is there we feel a pain is eased, The heart soothed and anxiety appeased; Warm tears born of a sentiment unique Come rolling then like pearl dew down the cheek. Long afterwards our lungs breathe the forest air, Our breast as gently stirs as pines do there. Such deep tranquillity pervades the soul It bows as wheatears do when ripe and whole. This is the source from which our tears and sighs, Our solace and our poetry arise." Poem by A. Baranauskas . . . . #embroidery #embroideryart #needlepainting #threadpainting #folkart #hoopart #landscapeart #naturlovers

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So, let’s take a look at some more of her amazing artwork








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?For landscape embroidery I make a simple sketch, or sometimes I just draw few composition lines straight on top of the fabric. This embroidery piece taught me that this laid-back approach is making the whole process even more time-consuming and just simply uncomfortable. My imagination is good, but not that good. A well thought out sketch, or an image helps a lot!? Several people advised me to leave this piece unfinished. I sometimes don't know when is the right time to stop. Most often because I do not have a clear picture in my head of what I want to achieve. Again, that is why a good drawing or photo reference is key? Also, I always face the problem that my works look very different each time depending on the lighting and camera. It can get frustrating at times? . . . . . #embroidery #embroideryart #needlepainting #threadpainting #hoopart #handembroidery #folk #folkart #landscapeembroidery #threadpainting #textileart #wallhanging #wilderness #burninghouse #liveauthentic

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Gric has an Etsy shop where she puts her stitched paintings up for sale. You can visit her shop to see her available creations. You can also follow her on Instagram to view her entire portfolio.

This artwork is stunning, which piece is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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