28 People Share Some Of The Worst Things They Have Seen At Bars And Restaurants

Most of you reading this would have had a strange and/or terrible experience at a restaurant or bar. Sometimes this occurs whilst you are visiting a different country, however, it’s common for this to happen on home ground as well! Have you ever been too afraid to go to the toilet because for some weird reason the door glass is semi transparent? Have you ever been offered ‘deep fried baby’ on a food menu? Well, here we have some of the worst bar and restaurant fails ever, take a look!

USB Sushi Fail

“A Not So Smart Salad Bar Sign”

Irony At Its Finest

“Because Who Doesn’t Love Bad Sushi?”

“Using A Trash Can Box As A Trash Can”

“$16 For A Caesar Salad At A Concept Restaurant”

This Confusing Wall Piece

These Intimate Urinals

“This Restaurant Is In A Basement With Fake Windows And Pictures”

Someone Accepted This Fake Note

Honesty Isn’t Always The Best Policy

These Plate Designs That Look Dirty

“Because Regular Ice Is Far Too Unhealthy…”

Bar And Restaurant Fails diet ice


The Choices On This Menu

As strange as some of these are, they’ve certainly put a smile on our faces! It’s amazing that some of these businesses have got away with such things. Coming up, we’ve got some terrible spelling and grammar issues, a company that advertises people as their most essential ingredient (yes, you read that correctly), and, a menu that has used dictionary definitions as translations! So, keep on scrolling to see this and plenty more!

The Swastika Structure Of These Lights

The Light Placement On The Menus

This Menu With Dictionary Translations

When Your Local Mexican Restaurant Wins ‘Best Italian Restaurant’

This Unnerving Leaflet

This Picture Frame Has Replaced A TV

The Laziness Of The People Who ‘Filled’ The Shakers

This Is What Happens When You Let Wax Build Up

Semi-Transparent, Frosted Glass On Toilet Stall Doors

The Suggested Tips On This Receipt…

Close Enough…

Not What You Expect To Find In Your Drink

“Someone Called To Let Rocco’s Know About The Mistake In Their Sign. They ‘Corrected’ it…”

Not The Best Way To Attract Customers…

Bar And Restaurant Fails soon fatt