28 People Share The Coolest Bathroom Signs They’ve Seen

When nature calls and we’re in a public place, there’s only one thing we really need to know. Which toilets are designated for women, men, the disabled and baby changing? Usually this isn’t hard to figure out because the indicators tend to be fairly self explanatory. However, this isn’t always the case! Some places have decided to switch things up, whether that be by adding a cool design or creating confusion, here we have some of the most creative bathroom signs ever!

One for the android fans…

Alien themed restroom signs at the ‘Cradle of Aviation Museum’.

The one on the right looks sort of like a sad one-eyed dog…

Which side do you relate to more?

It would be cruel but also hilarious watching someone trying to figure these out if they were desperate to go!

Creative Bathroom Signs cat cockrel


The restroom signs at ‘Chicken Salad Chick’, seems fitting!

We’ve never seen a cloud behave like the one on the right!

Because who doesn’t love confusing people?!

Everyone is welcome.

An accurate representation of when you really have to go!

You need a little chromosome knowledge to get this one!

Creative Bathroom Signs iq test


Because sometimes it’s helpful to have instructions…

The restroom signs at LEGOLAND.

Your favorite cartoon couple…

Creative Bathroom Signs marge vs homer


Well, admittedly not all of these designs will go down well with everyone but personally we think it’s great to see some diversity in the mix. Going to the toilet is a pretty boring experience so if something as simple as a jazzed up sign can put a smile on someone’s face then why not? Also, sometimes it can be easy to miss the usual toilet symbols that you see, so, making bathrooms more obvious to people can’t be a bad thing, surely.

We wonder whether it was a man or a woman who decided to go with this?

We’re getting a slightly creepy but also slightly cool vibe here?

Creative Bathroom Signs outlines


Pac-man is chasing his Pac-lady…

Popeye and Olive will never be forgotten!

Creative Bathroom Signs popeye and olive


What is so hard about putting down a toilet seat?!

Creative Bathroom Signs seat up vs down


Skiers are so hard core they don’t even put their equipment to one side to do their business!

May the force be with you!

Aren’t signs like these so much more engaging than the standard signs you usually see?

That’s some cool artwork!

Creative Bathroom Signs unisex


Seriously, people, wash your hands!

We thought this was a woman swaying her hips at first!

This is so cruel, but, also pretty funny!

We love this, however, not everyone will get it!

Creative Bathroom Signs south park


Because this list wouldn’t be complete without the involvement of cats!