Now You Can Have A Head Massage Whenever You Want Thanks To This Head-Mounted Massager

Getting good quality sleep is a basic human necessity. However, these days, it has become a luxury that not everyone gets to enjoy due to a variety of reasons. While there are numerous ways to induce sleep naturally, we could probably agree that nothing still beats the comfort that a good massage brings. Unfortunately, regular trips to the spa might not be a practical idea for most people. So, getting ourselves a head-mounted massage robot might just be our best bet.

Introducing Lerou, the world’s first finger-simulated personal head massager. Basically, it’s a wearable head massager that primarily consists of an adjustable head ring and a pair of FDA-approved silicone massage buds.

lerou head-mounted massage robot white


lerou head-mounted massage robot


lerou finger-simulated head massager


lady wearing lerou head massager while relaxing on couch


Experience a new level of relaxation with Lerou, the world’s first finger-simulated head-mounted massage robot

Unlike conventional head massagers, it doesn’t involve the use of vibration, microcurrent, nor airbag compression. Instead, it simulates manual massage movements as the buds rotate automatically in one direction, making ten laps forward and 30 laps back. So, it’s just as good as having an actual masseuse to massage your head.

lerou head-mounted massage robot silicone massage buds


man wearing head massager while drinking alcohol


lerou head-mounted massage robot red


man wearing red lerou head massager

It’s portable and lightweight, measuring 7.6″ x 7.2″ x 2.6″ and weighing only 350g. So, you can take it with you whenever and wherever you could use a quick, relaxing head massage. Be it at home, in the office, during a long-haul flight or even while taking a stroll in the park.

man wearing head-mounted massage robot in the office


lady wearing lerou head massenger while on train


man wearing lerou head massager

And the best part? It involves hands-free, eyes-free and low-noise operation, so you can still go on about your daily activities. And although it’s designed to massage your temples, you can also wear it backward to massage the back of your head. Likewise, you can wear it around your neck to massage your nape.

lady wearing head-mounted massage robot while working


lerou massager for head


lerou massager for nape


Aside from offering you a convenient way to enjoy a relaxing head massage, Lerou can also effectively induce sleepiness

So, it’s still most advisable to use it before bedtime for a good night’s sleep. With regular use, it can also help prevent crow’s feet or wrinkles at the outer corners of the eyes.

lady wearing head-mounted massage robot while reading book


lady wearing head-mounted massage robot while reading


man wearing lerou head massager while drinking alcohol

Equipped with a 450mAh battery, this personal massager can run for up to three hours straight. Even so, keep in mind that the recommended duration for each massage session is only seven minutes. It has a charging time of two hours via USB-C and can last up to ten hours on standby mode.

lerou finger-simulated head-mounted massage robot


lerou head massager red


lerou head massager


lerou head-mounted massage robot protective case

This wearable head massager retails for $299 and comes in two different colors—white and red. In addition to the unit, each set also includes a charging cable as well as a storage bag. According to the company, the production of the second batch is currently underway. So, feel free to follow their project on Indiegogo for updates and early-bird discounts.

Source: Lerou