High Temperatures In Arizona Have Resulted In All Sorts Of Things Melting

Many people tend to have a fickle relationship with the weather. When it’s cold they wish it would be hotter and when it’s hot they wish it would be cooler. This is fairly normal, us humans tend to moan either way! However, for the residents of Arizona, they’re whinging is not unreasonable. Temperatures have soared so high that all sorts of things are melting. The scorching heat really is causing suffering for not just the humans but also the animals, plants and even walls! Below we have a range of images showing the outcome of the high temperatures in Arizona. Take a look and you might just think twice before you find yourself complaining about the weather! 

A Weather Forecast For Phoenix

Let’s See What The Heat Has Caused…

To prevent burns, we recommend following this person’s lead… 

Even the forecast can’t handle the heat… 

The beautiful stages of cooking a cookie in a car… 

R.I.P to the mail box that fell victim to the weather.

Even the road signs have given up! 

This scorpion had the right idea because there’s nothing better than a cool dip when you’re feeling hot and flustered! 

This damage occurred after only 1 hour! Shocking! 

Always remember to protect the feet of your animal companions.

We wouldn’t want to be the owner of these melting walls!

There’s no escaping the heat, not even by plane, apparently! 

We bet the car smells wonderful… 

If anything had a chance of surviving, we would have thought a cactus would do well. We were wrong! 

Well, we’re suddenly feeling appreciative of the cooler weather! As amusing as a few of these images are, the high temperatures in Arizona are not a joke and we urge you all to be safe and responsible when the temperature soars. It’s best to try avoiding being out during the hottest periods of the day and make sure skin protection is worn at all times. Never leave children or animals unattended in hot cars. It’s also hugely important to stay as hydrated as possible by drinking plenty of water. If you feel dizzy at work or school, alert someone that you need to take a break.