SONIC Creates New Brownie Batter Milkshake With Vanilla Ice Cream

During the hot summer days you can chill out and indulge with SONIC Drive-In’s new Brownie Batter Shake. There’s a lot of chilled beverages to help us cool down from the summer heat. But if you’re looking for something to quench your thirst and to satisfy the chocolate-lover in you at the same time, this new Brownie Batter Shake is your ultimate go-to drink.

So, what’s in the new Brownie Batter Shake? This chocolatey sip is made with real vanilla ice cream hand-mixed with smooth chocolate brownie batter. Now, you’re probably thinking of the raw brownie batter which is not safe to eat. This milkshake uses heat-treated batter which is 100% safe for consumption. So, you can have as much brownie batter, in a drinkable form, as you like.


 Drive-In Unveils New Brownie Batter Shake

sonic drive in brownie batter shake

This will probably remind you of the Yellow Cake Batter Shake which debuted last year as a summer offering. Well, both shakes are similar in a lot of ways, except for the batter flavor. As the name implies, the Yellow Cake Batter Shake features a blend of vanilla ice cream and yellow cake batter. If you’re more into the traditional yellow cake than the chocolate-flavored ones then this is definitely for you. And the drive-in restaurant is bringing back the Yellow Cake Batter Shake in addition to the Brownie Batter Shake. So, now, we’ve got two delectable flavors to choose from.

Both batter-flavored milkshakes are now available at all SONIC locations until August 2nd. And there’s no rule saying you can only get only one of these options. You can spoil yourself by getting both flavors just for the sake of trying them out. Besides, one is never enough when it comes to frozen sips. So, go ahead and satisfy your thirst (and your sweet tooth) with these delightful milkshakes.

Source: SONIC