You Can Get Banana Duck Ornaments For Your Garden

Add a bit of fun to your garden with these Banana Duck statue ornaments. Inspired by the popular meme, these adorably quirky outdoor decorations take the form of an interesting creature with cuteness of unprecedented proportions. 50% duck + 50% banana = 100% awesomeness! Forget about garden gnomes, these freestanding decors feature bold and whimsical design to welcome your guests in the most cheerful way.

Let these big-footed banana duck statues transform your garden, yard, or porch into a unique attraction. Entertain your guests, amuse the passersby, and make your neighbors jealous with these cute statues. Who wouldn’t love these cuties? The perfect combination of peeled banana and duck is undoubtedly a match made in heaven. And since we’re all going to be spending more time in our gardens due to the current pandemic, it’s best to spruce up our lawn and enjoy the company of these fantastic buddies.


Banana Duck Statue Yard Decorations

banana duck statues garden decorations

These Banana Duck statues are hand-casted with real gravel and durable resin, covered with UV-resistant full-color paint. They are sturdy and weather-resistant so you can leave them outside without any worries. Each sculpture measures 7.8 inches high and 6 inches wide weighing 190 grams. Its witty design and vibrant color will certainly brighten up any place you put it on. It can be used to beautify your indoor or outdoor space. A group of these hilarious-looking sculptures also makes an eye-catching park display to delight kids and adults alike.

funny freestanding garden ornament


whimsical park display funny design

Bring an interesting atmosphere to your indoor or outdoor space with these Banana Duck statue ornaments. Moreover, placing more of these fascinating decors on your yard will make your home look more appealing. So, scatter them around your courtyard to spread the joy and put smiles on everyone who sees them. Each freestanding statue is sold individually and can be placed on any flat surface.

banana duck statue garden ornaments


banana duck statues

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