You Can Now Get Baby Shark-Inspired Shoes To Wear While Dancing To The Catchy Tune

From bath toys to bedding sets, you probably think you’ve seen all the possible Baby Shark-inspired merchandise there is. Well, you better think again because we’ve found some Baby Shark shoes on Etsy, and they sure doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo look cute. We bet that your little ones would love grooving to the Pinkfong hit with these adorable kicks on.

We’ve spotted various Etsy shops selling custom canvas sneakers featuring the colorful shark family. The sneakers come in a variety of colors, styles, and designs, all featuring different hand-painted Pinkfong characters. Some even come with shiny studs and big bows which are perfect for little girls.

Children's Custom Vans by 818VinylCreations
818VinylCreations | Etsy


Custom Slip-on Vans for Kids by 818VinylCreations
818VinylCreations | Etsy


Yellow Shark Birthday Bling Shoes by TheCraftiqueByRo
TheCraftiqueByRo | Etsy


Pink Custom Baby Shark High-top Sneakers by KlutteredKicks
KlutteredKicks | Etsy


Black Baby Shark Shoes by Nadelra
Nadelra | Etsy

There are also different silhouettes to choose from—slip-on, low-tops, and even high-top sneakers. The available sizes usually run from US infant’s size 2 to US youth’s size 6. However, do note that available size runs may vary per shop and design. To be sure, you can check all the available listings here. Given all these options, it’s nearly impossible not to find the perfect pair for your little kiddo!

Baby Shark Hand-painted Sneakers by LVCustomKicks
LVCustomKicks | Etsy


Custom Slip-on Sneakers for Kids by 818VinylCreations
818VinylCreations | Etsy


Custom Children's Sneakers by 818VinylCreations
818VinylCreations | Etsy


Custom Baby Shark Converse High-top Sneakers for Kids by HeInMeBoutique
HeInMeBoutique | Etsy


Baby Shark Hand-painted Canvas Sneakers by Munkisoaptokens
munkisoaptokens | Etsy


Let your little ones dance to the catchy tune of the viral Pinkfong hit in their very own Baby Shark shoes

White Custom Baby Shark Slip-on Vans for Kids by Kickzcm
kickzcm | Etsy


Custom Kids' Shoes by 818VinylCreations
818VinylCreations | Etsy


Hand-painted Slip-ons by ThisLittlePiggieCo
ThisLittlePiggieCo | Etsy


Custom Shoes for Children by 818VinylCreations
818VinylCreations | Etsy

Get your baby shark themed shoes here!

Blue Hand-painted Baby Shark Shoes by CNKmama
CNKmama | Etsy

Get your baby shark themed shoes here!

In other news, there’s also an ongoing Baby Shark Live! tour in over 100 locations. Tickets for the March to June shows are already up for grabs on their website. Honestly, we couldn’t think of a more appropriate event to rock these kicks in than these live tours! If you’re a parent, there’s indeed no way to escape the Baby Shark craze, at least for now. So, what we could suggest is to just ride the wave and enjoy it with your little ones!