This Peanut Butter Pump Does The Spreading For You

One dad invented a peanut butter pump that could absolutely save you a chunk of time for preparing snacks. And, it’s available on Indiegogo. Find out more as you read on.

Peanut butter, eh? A few things are wrong with this favorite snack, and if you’re one of the many who obsess over it, then you are likely to agree with us.

As we all know, peanut butter is a sweet and salty treat that you can bring and dig in to; anytime, anywhere.

Despite the convenience this all-time snack offers, we also know its container’s design flaw. It leaves us scraping around the jar only to find ourselves actively hunting for the last few scoops stuck inside. If you’re struggling with it too, don’t fret! A peanut butter pump was made to save the nutty day.

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peanut butter pump indiegogo

Peanut butter pump invented by a dad of PB-loving grown kids

Currently on Indiegogo, this time-saving invention was created by a father of five children (who also probably love the snack and inspired their dad), Andy Scherer, in 2017. He introduced the peanut butter pump to the public through a crowdfunding campaign in February—hoping for its distribution by August of the same year.

One of the main features of this pump is that it fits most 40-ounce peanut butter tubs! You just have to replace the lid with the peanut butter pump by screwing on the latter, the same simple way you close the jar with its original cover.

Next is our favorite part—pumping out the nutty butter! Another great thing about this praise-worthy invention is that it’s made with measurement tabs on the nozzle. This is especially important for those peanut-butter-lovers like us who need a handful or two of control.

This peanut butter pump is so convenient that it scrapes down the sides of the jar as you use it. Hence, you will never have to rinse it off before you toss it in your recycle bin. You only have to enjoy till the container’s entirely empty and recycle, take off the pump, and place it in another jar of your favorite peanut butter. Not just time saving, but also water-saving! Genius, right?

peanut butter pump nozzles indiegogo

You can find this product on Indiegogo

The pump is made with two differently-crafted nozzles to improve your peanut butter experience. You can use it to spread the PB on crackers, fruits, bread, veggies, or just about anything you want to enhance your recipe-developing skills with. Just make sure it’s edible, because… you know.

These two nozzles are as follows:

Stream-style nozzle – for a convenient way of adding creaminess and nuttiness to your typical snacks and smoothies.
Ribbon nozzle – especially crafted for a smooth flow of peanut butter on your sandwiches, and of course, to put your butter knife to rest.

All thanks to Andy Scherer’s brilliant idea, we can have this time-saving peanut butter pump! Know more about the campaign and donate to the cause by heading to Indiegogo.