These 18 Normal People Have A Secret Double Life As Cosplay Rockstars


Corey Hayes is a New York-based photographer who loves snapping pics of 'cosplayers' in all their glory. In case you didn't know, 'cosplayer' is the term used to describe someone who likes to dress up as their favorite comic book hero. Cosplayers are the type of weird and wonderful, colorful characters you will find en masse at the big conventions, such as the New York Comic Convention, where Hayes' fascination with the cosplaying world first began. Hayes says the best thing about cosplay photography is witnessing the oft-startling transformations, as ordinary people become "cosplayer rockstars". He notes that donning the elaborate costumes seems to facilitate a marked change in people, affecting their personality as well as their body language. Check out his awesome 'before' and 'after' work below and see the awesome transformations for yourself! 

Website: coreyhayesphoto


Al Vasquez – Batman


Ruby Rinekso – Man-Bat


Jenn Reddig – Phantasm


Dana Paige – Grace Soulfire


Diana Lin – Harley Quinn


Joseph BB Quinn – Deadpool


Kat Chagnon – Dex Starr-Red Lantern


Kyle Stark – Arrow



Lindsay – Victorian Thor


Paul D'Armore – Scarecrow


Kiara – Black Widow


Gina Y – Gou Matsuoka


Jack Farzan – Traditional Female Loki


Jennifer Rose – Retro Catwoman


Morgan Herrmann – Magik


Samanthat Traub – Black Canary


Colen P – Green Lantern


Sheena V – Victorian Loki

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