Utterly Ingenious Life Hacks That Will Make You Say ‘Wow’

With all the stresses and pressures that arise in our daily lives, we’re always looking for things that add ease and convenience. The internet is bursting with tips, tricks and hacks that we can all benefit from and just when you think that you’ve seen everything there is to see, you come across something new. Here we have a list of ingenious life hacks that can save you time, money and hassle. Take a look and see which of them you haven’t stumbled across before! 

Apple Slicer

Apple slicers work well for cutting potatoes. Now you can have wedges prepared in way less time! 

Ingenious Life Hacks apple slicer for potatoes

Egg Yolks

To easily extract egg yolks from their whites, use an empty bottle and gentle squeeze to suck them up!

Ingenious Life Hacks bottle for egg yolks

Coffee Ice Cubes

By freezing coffee into ice cubes, you can simply add them to warm milk for a yummy coffee! 

Ingenious Life Hacks coffee ice cubes

Softening Butter

For a quick and easy way to soften butter, heat up a glass and place it on top. 

Ingenious Life Hacks hot glass soften butter

Cookie Trays

Save yourself some washing up by using an empty section of a cookie tray for milk! 

Ingenious Life Hacks milk in cookie tray

Keeping Salad Fresh

To keep your salad fresher for longer, place a paper towel on top of your greens. This will absorb any excess moisture. 

Ingenious Life Hacks paper towel keep salad fresh

The Easiest Way To Slice A Bell Pepper

Following the images below, you will find slicing a pepper is a walk in the park. 

Ingenious Life Hacks slicing a bell pepper

Peeling Bananas

The simplest way to peel a banana is to squeeze the bottom of it. 

Ingenious Life Hacks simple way to peel a banana

Serving Beverages Out Of A Melon

This both looks and tastes great! Simply cut a hole large enough to fit your beater inside, add your ingredients and mix! 

Ingenious Life Hacks serve beverages out of melon

Excess Oil

To soak up excess oil, toss a few rice grains into each compartment of your tins.

Ingenious Life Hacks rice remove oil

Removing Strawberry Stems

To remove strawberry stems use a straw and piece through the middle. No hassle, no fuss! 

Ingenious Life Hacks remove strawberry stems with a straw

Evenly Cooking 2 Pizzas

If you cant fit 2 pizzas on one shelf but want to cook them evenly, simply slice them in half and organize them like in the image below! 

Ingenious Life Hacks pizzas cut in half on tray

Peeling Mangoes

The easiest way to separate the mango fruit from its skin is to use a glass! 

Ingenious Life Hacks peel a mango with a glass