This Digital Air Fryer Allows You To Enjoy Crispy Food Without The Added Fat

Do you love eating deep-fried food but hate all the health risks that come with it? Worry not because this digital air fryer will let you enjoy crispy food without all the fat. Fried foods don’t’ have a reputation for being healthy since they are cooked in oil at extremely high temperatures. But despite this fact, most of us just can’t resist the extra-crispy texture and the rich flavor of deep-fried foods.

Heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity are associated with high consumption of trans fat that we mostly get from eating fried foods. However, there’s no denying the distinctive, rich flavor of crispy food laden with fat. French fries, fried chicken, mozzarella sticks, buffalo wings, onion rings, croquettes, tempura – imagine living a bland life without these little luxuries. Thankfully, the air fryer became a thing. This smart kitchen appliance is designed to simulate the result of deep frying without submerging the food in oil. It is equipped with a heating mechanism and fan that cooks the food through rapid heat circulation. Hence, it can fry food with little or no oil while still delivering the similar taste and texture of deep frying.


Digital Air Fryer With LED Touchscreen

digital air fryer

The healthy advantages of air fryers have made it one of the most in-demand kitchen appliances since 2017. Sure, there are loads of air fryers available on the market today. But before you dive into the trend, it’s wise to review and compare the options to make sure that you’re getting the best. And with this air fryer, you are sure to get the best deal for your money. Unlike most cylindrical air fryers, this one features a square frame designed to save counter space without sacrificing its capacity. More importantly, its rapid heat circulation mechanism makes all your favorites crispy fried with little to no oil.

digital air fryer rapid heat circulation


digital air fryer one touch led display


digital air fryer no oil frying

This digital air fryer uses cutting-edge technology to make cooking a fun and carefree experience. It features an angled digital LED display that provides a full view of your cooking progress. The user interface features a touch panel and simple buttons to give you full and easy access to your cooking. With just a tap on the button, you can easily adjust and set the temperature and cook time. Furthermore, this amazing unit comes with 11 one-touch presets letting you choose from steak, chicken, fish, shrimp, bacon, frozen food, French fries, veggies, bread and pastries. Just tap your preset on the display and let the machine take care of everything.

digital air fryer presets


smart kitchen appliance red


digital air fryer red

This smart air fryer also has a shake reminder function and a preheat option that you won’t find in many other air fryers. Preheating only takes 2 – 5 minutes which is significantly faster than the time-consuming preheating of traditional ovens. Moreover, you’ll only need 1 tbsp of oil for an entire recipe. Thus, it provides 85% less fat than traditional deep-frying. It has a 3.7-quart square non-stick basket which is dishwasher-safe, easy to clean and BPA-free. Additionally, the unit comes with a free recipe book with over 100 delicious recipes.

smart kitchen appliance recipe book


non-slip removable oven basket


smart kitchen appliance removable basket

This air fryer comes in a stylish red color to make your kitchen more attractive. It features a cool touch handle and button guard to prevent accidental detachment. Since it uses no oil, you can save your countertops (and yourself) from oil splatters and oil fumes. So, you’ll get mess-free cooking and healthier food with each use. The unit measures 10.75 x 10.9 x 12.25 inches and weighs 12.72 lbs. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“I spent about 4 months researching air fryers and decided to buy this one. The factors I considered were size, quality and reliability, ease of use and cleanup, taste of food, [and] how useful it would be to me. I like the square basket [and] the presets. I’ve used it to prepare several tasty dinners for myself, quickly and easily. Cleanup was a snap.”

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smart kitchen appliance angled display


digital air fryer led display

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