Frank’s RedHot Thick Sauce Range Comes In Four Flavors

Sauces and dips generally make everything taste better. Luckily, the good folks over at Frank’s RedHot understand this basic human need. So, they’re rolling out more options just for our consumption and contentment. These include the new line of Frank’s RedHot Thick Sauce which has got foodies all over the internet excited.

Given these sauces’ much thicker consistency, we’d say that they’re perfect for coating and marinating your food before cooking. Nonetheless, they’re also ideal for topping and dipping, especially if you prefer a rich, savory flavor. After all, Frank’s RedHot sauces have always been famous for being versatile, in general.


Frank’s RedHot’s new range of sauces features four enticing flavors



Frank's RedHot Thick Sauce Original
Frank’s RedHot

The Original variant features “the perfect blend of flavor, heat, and thickness.” Basically, it’s as good as the OG Frank’s RedHot Sauce, only thicker this time.


Buffalo ‘N BBQ

Frank's RedHot Thick Sauce Buffalo 'N BBQ
Frank’s RedHot

Then, there’s a Buffalo ‘N BBQ variant which is a nice combination of hot and smoky flavors. We’re betting it would go well with ribs and just about any grilled food.


Spicy Honey Bourbon

Frank's RedHot Thick Sauce Spicy Honey Bourbon
Frank’s RedHot

Meanwhile, the Spicy Honey Bourbon variant is a mix of “sweet heat and bourbon-forward flavor.” The brand particularly suggests pairing it with chicken recipes and wings for best results.


Buffalo ‘N Ranch

Frank's RedHot Thick Sauce Buffalo 'N Ranch
Frank’s RedHot

Last but not the least is the Buffalo ‘N Ranch variant, which the brand’s website describes as “versatile.” Also, it’s “the ultimate blend of flavor and heat from Frank’s RedHot Sauce and the creaminess from ranch dressing.”

We have to say, we’re particularly excited about the Buffalo ‘N Ranch flavor. Well, apparently, we’re not the only ones. In an Instagram post by @dadbodsnacks featuring the said flavor, one user commented, “They made this just for me.” Another wrote, “Frank’s RedHot Sauce is TOO hot for me, but this might be the way to go. I love ranch.”

Luckily, the entire line is now up for grabs at various Wegmans, Meijer, and Giant stores. You can also check out Frank’s Redhot’s website to find out where you can buy its latest offerings.

Source: Frank’s RedHot