Meet ‘Arnie’ The Bunny Who Pulls The Most Amazing Faces


'Arnie' the funny bunny is always smiling about something, whether it be stealing treats, playing with his bunny friend 'Grizi' or getting cuddles. He's also known for pulling a whole range of other faces, which you can see if you scroll down to the last image below. Have you ever seen a bunny sticking its tongue out? This poor, gorgeous rabbit had been cruelly abandoned in a NYC park in December 2014, but luckily, he was soon adopted by a couple who absolutely adored him from day one! Arnie, who spends his days roaming free around his owners' house with Grizi, loves the camera too. You can check out more cute pics of him at The Fluffy Group's Instagram account. Ain't he just the sweetest thing? Take a look!
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