Austin Conway Shares His Honest Struggles Of Owning A Dog

Getting a pet really does come with great responsibilities. Call it an exaggeration, but it’s a lifelong commitment, much like having a child. Sadly, there are still people who get a pet on a whim, without fully understanding the responsibilities and repercussions that come with it. In hopes of addressing the recurring problem, Austin Conway took to Facebook to share what it’s really like being a pet owner.

These days, it’s not uncommon to see posts about people looking to give up their pets. And the usual reasons behind this include problems with space, rental housing, shedding and behavioral issues among many others. But, this professional baseball player says that all these are “foreseeable responsibilities and factors” that any aspiring pet owner should take into consideration.


Austin Conway
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Conway met Stella at a shelter located near his college


Adopting her was originally not part of his plan


“I just happened to see a post on my Facebook about a German Shepherd mix litter that had been surrendered to a shelter close to my college. So, being the German Shepherd lover that I am, I drove over just to look, for fun. Which was a big ‘mistake.'”


Stella was the smallest and quietest one among the bunch. Seeing how she seemed like the one getting the least attention urged Conway to adopt her


“So, I went from not planning on getting a dog at all, to having her claimed and the adoption deposit paid within 1 hour of being there. Was by far the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Conway definitely loves everything about Stella. From her being an old soul to her being extremely vocal and needy in a good way. “She’s as close to human as I’ve ever seen a dog be. She’s perfect,” he explained. However, it wasn’t all easy-breezy for the two buddies. He also admitted that finding a place to stay with her was quite challenging at first.

“It’s difficult but do-able. Many apartments have restrictions on ‘aggressive’ breeds. So, the few times I’ve had to apartment-hunt, my list was always extremely small because I’ve been limited to properties that accept German Shepherds.”


Conway already saw this potential problem coming the moment he decided to keep Stella. As a responsible fur parent, he scouted all possible apartments that would accept her. And from there, he started looking for the best fit for her. Pet restriction in rental properties is just a precautionary measure, and Conway understands that.


However, he also hopes that people would overcome the stereotype against “aggressive” dog breeds like German Shepherd, Rottweiler and Pit Bull. In fact, he also claims that some of the sweetest dogs he has encountered are among these breeds. Overall, he’s still thankful for landlords who accommodate pet owners with these kinds of breeds.



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