40 People Share The Most Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos That’ll Make Your Heart Melt

On the average, approximately 6.5 million dogs and cats are rescued by community animal shelters nationwide. Majority of this population is comprised of companion animals rescued from cruelty, stray animals, and surrendered animals. Of the total number of animals entering shelters, only 48% of these are adopted as rescue pet. And the remaining rescue animals are either returned to their owners or euthanized. Hence, the number of euthanized animals could be reduced if more people adopt them.


Why adopt a rescue pet?

Today, more and more people are opting to adopt animals from shelters instead of buying them from pet shops. By adopting a rescue pet, they are able to save an animal from getting euthanized. Furthermore, it also helps the shelter to have more space to take in other rescue animals that are in dire need of care. Not to mention the funds you provide that could help cover expenses for vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and other essential supplies.

“The Time I Rescued A Crying Kitten Outside My Cat Cuddled Her”

rescue pet crying kitten adopted

Apart from these reasons, adopting a rescue pet will cost you less compared to buying from a pet store. When you adopt an animal, the cost of initial vaccinations, spay/neuter, and even micro-chipping, is included in the adoption price. These inclusions can significantly save you some of the upfront costs of getting an animal companion. And since most of these rescued animals are previously owned, you may also save on training and housebreaking expenses.

Indeed, adopting a rescue pet is more humane than shopping from a pet store, wherever you look at it. But the bigger question is – are shelter animals make a better pet than those in the pet shops? Top-breed puppies mostly found in pet stores are top-of-the-range and all. But you need to be aware that most of these dogs came from a puppy mill. Puppy mills are factory-style facilities where female dogs are kept in cages to be bred for years.  The dogs and puppies inside the breeding facilities are confined in poor conditions without any medical care. After these breeding dogs already served their purpose, they are either abandoned or killed. With that being said, we can help shut down these inhumane facilities by not supporting their business.

“My Friend Just Texted “Adopted A Dog Yesterday” With This Pic”

rescue pet dog tongue out


Shelter animals make great companions

And as far as personalities are concerned, a rescue pet can surely make the sweetest companion you’ll ever have. If they could only talk, they will thank you non-stop by giving them a second chance of having a loving home. And trust us when we say, you’ll surely have a happier life if you add a rescue pet or two into your family. Just take a look at these proud owners as they happily share a photo of their adorable rescue pets.

“We Adopted An 11-Year Old Cat From A Chicago Shelter. He And My 13-Yo Daughter Fell In Love. This Is Them After She Got Back From A Week At Camp”

rescue pet cat daughter hug


“My Rescue Cat Assuring My Recently Adopted Pup That She Will Be All Right And Is Now In A Home Full Of Love”

rescue pet cat dog friendship


“Today, I Adopted Two 8 Week Old Kittens Who Are Brothers. I Originally Applied For One But When I Got The Call About Being Accepted To Adopt, I Was Asked If I Wanted To Adopt The Brothers Together Because The People Adopting His Brother Backed Out. Meet Kingston And Derby!”

rescue pet cat brothers adopted


“Rescued Him From The Streets. Vet Visit Was Great Despite Skin Issues”

rescue pet dog visit vet clinic


Jubilee, The Internet-Famous Funny-Looking Dog Finally Got Adopted

jubilee the funny-looking dog got adopted
critterwalk | Husky House


“The Way Our New Puppy Looked At Me The Whole Ride To Her New Home Melted My Heart”

rescue pet puppy loving stare


“Karen And Kevin. Adopt, Don’t Shop”

rescue pet two cats


“Adopted Him Last Week From A Shelter. I Think He’s Happy About It”

rescue pet happy cat


“On Our Way Home From Adopting Her. Like Father Like Daughter.”

rescue pet like father like daughter


“We Rescued A Terrified Australian Shepherd As A Friend For Our Dog. Now He Doesn’t Leave His Side.”

rescue pet australian shepherd companion


“This Is Ruger. We Rescued Him In August. He Was Found In A Box On The Side Of The Road. No Fault Of His Own. This Poor Boy Would Have Died. I Can’t Even Think Of It Without Crying. He Is Now One Of Our Children And Will Never Go Anywhere Else.”

rescue pet puppy found in a box


“Adopted This Guy A Week Ago. Was Scared Of Everything, But Decided To Trust Me. Four Days Later, And He Is A Very Good Boy With His Very First Own Squeaky Toy”

rescue pet dog loves squeky toy


“I Adopted A Senior Cat. He’s 11 Years Old And 19 Lbs. The Shelter Told Me He Is Skittish And It Would Be A Slow Intro. His Last Family Returned Him After 6 Months. He Is My Shadow- Woke Up At 4am To All 19 Lbs Sleeping On My Chest, Face An Inch Away From Mine. Goose Was Always Meant To Be Mine”

rescue pet skittish cat


Best Friends

shelter animal adopted cat and dog inseparable


“Just Rescued This Puppy From The Streets. That Is It First Nap After A Shower And Food”

rescue pet puppy sleeping with owner


“Adopted This Sweet Boy Yesterday And Couldn’t Be Happier! His Name Is Moose.”

rescue pet happy dog


“First Time Cat Owner. I Used To Think I Was A Dog Person, But I Think I May Have Been Wrong”

rescue pet cat lover


“We Rescued Him At Just A Couple Weeks Old And Now He Thinks I’m His Momma, He’s My Paracat”

shelter animal adopted little kitten


“Our Family Applied To Adopt This Little One Today. Hoping All Goes Well”

shelter animal adopted kitten with unique face


“When I Rescued Icarus, I Was Hoping He Would Like Me, And I Hoped He Was A Cuddle Bug. I Think I Got My Wish. Pupper Is Out Cold”

shelter animal adopted cuddle dog


“Adopted This Little Croissant Today”

shelter animal adopted little croissant


“Trapped This Feral Kitten At Work To Save It From The Exterminator. Now She Has A Great Home And I’ve Got A Great Kitten! Everybody Wins!”

shelter animal adopted feral kitten


“Meet Luna Lovefood Our Adopted Fur Baby. Yes, That Is A Wild Mouse On Her Head.”

shelter animal adopted cat with mouse on head


“My Friend Adopted This Sweet Baby And I Think You All Needed To See It”

shelter animal adopted sleeping cat


“Tell Me The Story Of How I Was Rescued Again”

shelter animal adopted dog loving face


“We Adopted This Gorgeous (Albeit, Grumpy) 15 Year Old Girl Today. Previous Owners Could No Longer Take Care Of Her. Here She Is Settling Into Her New Forever Home!”

shelter animal adopted grumpy cat


“Suki Was In Care For 8 Years Before I Adopted Her, And I Couldn’t Love This Little Goblin More.”

shelter animal adopted beautiful black cat


“Recently Visited A College Friend And He Adopted These Adorable Kitties, Brother And Sister. Meet Lucifer And Lillith!”

shelter animal adopted sibling cats


“Rescued Two Kittens From Different Litters & Caught This Moment Just Two Days After Bringing Them Home. We Stopped Worrying If They Would Bond Or Not After That. Fozzy (Orange) & Arthur (Grey) Been Inseparable Since!”

shelter animal adopted two kittens from different litters


“Welcome Mr Tiggs My Wife Adopted Him As His Previous Owner Wanted Him Gone. Mr Tiggs Has Made Himself Feel Quite At Home On My Bed”

shelter animal adopted cat comfortable on bed


“Grandma Got A New Bestfriend. “He Chose Me.””

shelter animal adopted grandma bestfriend


This Is Wednesday, The Rescue Kitten With Only One Eye

shelter animal adopted one-eyed kitten


“Meet Butters. Yesterday He Was A Tough Street Kitten. Today He’s The Proud Owner Of A Queen Size Bed”

shelter animal adopted kitten on queen size bed


“First Walk With Our Rescue Named ‘Beau'”

shelter animal adopted first walk


“Meet Our Witchy Girl Wynne! We’re So Glad She Chose Us To Be Her Forever Home”

shelter animal adopted two-toned cat


“Our Newest Little Family Member. Meet Jack!”

shelter animal adopted smiling cat


“I Almost Adopted Just One Of These Girls But My Daughter Asked For Both. I’m So Glad I Indulged Her”

shelter animal adopted two kittens for daughter


“We Saw This Pic, And 3 Hours Later Adopted Jonah The Bunny!!”

rescue pet dog fluffy bunny