Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Been Spotted To Have Possibly The Coolest iPhone Case Ever

People have varying views and opinions regarding the new iPhone 11 Pro’s (and Pro Max’s) triple rear camera placement. Some find it utterly weird while some find it rather unique. Either way, you’ll still find a lot of people sporting this latest iPhone model. Of course, celebrities are no exceptions.

As trendsetters, well, they have to be ahead of others when it comes to fashion, gadgets, and other stuff. Indeed, one eagle-eyed fan spotted Arnold Schwarzenegger’s iPhone case. And it’s no ordinary case as it features him holding the iconic rocket launcher from the movie Commando. Talk about this guy’s humor, huh?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Holding an iPhone 11 Pro with an Arnold Schwarzenegger Rocket Launcher Case


Closeup of the iPhone 11 Pro Arnold Schwarzenegger Rocket Launcher Case

If you’re a big fan of Schwarzenegger and his movies, then this is definitely a must-have. Likewise, if you’re just sick of people poking fun at your phone, then this ingenious case is the best clap back.


arnold bazooka iphone case

In addition, you’re also helping to fund the USC Schwarzenegger Institute for State & Global Policy with every purchase. This institute promotes Schwarzenegger’s continued advocacy to fight against gerrymandering or act of gaining political advantage by manipulating district boundaries. So, yeah, it’s a case that serves a deeper purpose than just protecting your precious phone. Get your case here.

In a Reddit comment, the actor mentioned that his phone case choice should not come as a surprise.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Reply on Reddit


Arnold Schwarzenegger Reply on Reddit 2

Meanwhile, Android users are also coming up with creative ways to conceal their phones’ awkward front camera cutouts.






But for now, the spotlight’s undoubtedly on Schwarzenegger’s rocket launcher case.

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