Nutter Butter Double Nutty Cookies Are Loaded With Twice The Amount Of Peanut Butter Creme

If you are love peanut butter then we’ve found the perfect nibbles for you. We’re sure you love Nutter Butter cookies but you’ll certainly love the brand’s new flavor even more. Our favorite biscuit brand came out with Double Nutty cookies. And it features two times the amount of peanut butter filling than the regular cookies. You get twice the creaminess and the yumminess of peanut butter with every bite.

The new Double Nutty still sports the same look of the original peanut butter sandwich cookies. With its peanut-shaped biscuits complete with ridges and smooth peanut butter crème in between, each cookie looks and tastes like real peanuts. But compared to the original cookies, this new offering has thicker creamy filling which is twice the amount of peanut butter.


Nutter Butter Double Nutty

nutter butter double nutty

The brand announced its new offering on its official Instagram page with a photo of the snack in a family size pack. Also, the post says that the Double Nutty is already available in stores. So, you are likely to find these treats sitting on the shelves at your nearest supermarket. It comes in a 15.27 oz pack containing 24 cookies that you can share with your family and friends.

If you’re one of those people who think that the regular version should have more peanut butter crème filling then the Double Nutty is undoubtedly your ultimate cookie. You can chomp on these cookies on their own or add them to your favorite recipes. If you love peanut butter cookies so much, you can also use these cookies as toppings to your peanut butter cake. As expected, this great news put peanut butter fans into frenzy with one commenter saying:

“Oh my God, it happened, it really happened! I am more excited for this than Oreo 2x filling!”

Of course, Oreo fans have something to say to that. But the new Double Nutty will surely make everything sweeter and creamier. And there’s no need to get out of your seats because you can get these treats here.

nabisco nutter butter double nutty


nutter butter double nutty family size pack

Source: Instacart